Casino gambling has a simple mode of operation. The rules may differ between games, but their fundamental principles are essentially the same.

In Bitcoin gambling, when a player loses, the stake goes to the house (casino). On the other hand, if the player wins, the casino pays out his stake. This is the fundamental principle of online BTC gambling, and it applies to everybody.

Casinos may set up other rules to guide gameplay, but they will be simple enough for anyone to learn. It is vital for any player hoping to start gaming to know how casino gambling works. Also, you need to know how winning chances stack up against the casinos.

The concept of house edge and payouts are some of the basic things players ought to know before rolling in their bets.


The Rise Of Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin has a unique technology that makes it perfect for stakeholders in the online gaming industry, including players, developers, and operators. Similarly, the innovative technology of blockchain has brought huge benefits to game hosting websites. Nevertheless, the boom of crypto gambling has not overshadowed the fundamental concept of the house edge in games.

Some of the reasons bitcoin casinos are successful are as follow:

  • Bitcoin casinos are easier to start than regular online casinos that operate with fiat.
  • The transaction fees are negligible compared to the fees regular casinos have to pay. This has allowed casinos to offer better odds and bigger payouts.
  • Operators have a wider market reach. Anyone can use peer-to-peer crypto anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. However, certain regulations might prevent you from accessing certain bitcoin casinos.
  • The non-reversible nature of the transactions eliminates chargebacks.


House-Edge: The Business Side of Bitcoin Casinos

Online Casino games are essentially games of luck. There are no formulas to guarantee wins for any player. Indeed, games like blackjack may require some skills, but luck is the deciding factor in winning the game.

Luck is a winning factor required by players only. Casinos do not need the luck to make money from players playing their games. This advantage is built into every game you find in an online casino. Thus, in the end, the casino will always make money.

Casinos do not pay a winning stake according to the true odds of the wager. This results in the inflow of money every single time a player places a bet.

So the casinos may not win in every stake, but the odds will always favor them. Generally, the long-term expectation of casino games is negative.


The Definition of House-Edge

Casinos maintain a certain edge over the players called the house-edge. Hence, if an online casino gives a house edge of 1%, this means that out of every 100 bitcoins wager, one will be theirs. Nevertheless, this calculation will get complicated with multiple wins and losses.

Winning in a bitcoin casino occurs randomly. The crypto casino may end up winning more than the house-edge declared within a month. In the same vein, it might lose bitcoins to winners in the next month. Therefore, house-edge is often calculated over extended periods with enough volume.

Most crypto casinos will prominently display their house-edge on their website together with proof of calculation. All this is done to give players confidence that their wins will be paid accordingly. It is usually a red flag if a site doesn’t display its house-edge.

As a subtle means of safe gambling, always place your bets in casinos that proof and display their house-edge. A casino that doesn’t do that may plan to cheat the players. So always check for the house-edge before you begin gameplay.


The Relationship between House Edge and Return to Player (RTP)

RTP is another way of calculating the house edge. Accordingly, online Casino games will provide the RTP as a  game’s information.

Return To Player refers to the returns you will get if you place a winning bet. It is a concept that is easy to understand.

Consequently, for an RTP of 96%, players will receive an average win of $96 for every wager of $100. This means that the house-edge will be $4, equaling 4%. It explains why you need to know the RTP of any game before hitting the play button.

Licensing and regulatory bodies will always test the games to check and confirm that the house edge advertised is true. Therefore, it is important for online casinos to always state the true house edge. This is because all aspects of their games will be thoroughly scrutinized.


The Importance Of House-Edge

Indeed players will lean toward bitcoin casinos with a lower house-edge. This is because of the availability of more winning chances and fair play for everyone. Conversely, a higher house-edge means that the player will have a lower chance of getting bitcoin wins.

Unfortunately, some players may not care about this important statistic. They are much more interested in the fun and thrill of playing online games. Nevertheless, for those who realize that Bitcoin betting is a gamble, the house-edge is a deciding factor for them.

Regular online casinos usually offer an edge of 3% to 15% based on the games available. However, bitcoin casinos have much lower edges of about 0.5% to 3%.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that many games will have different edges depending on the bets made. Let’s look at the punto banco baccarat as an example. If you bet on the banker, you will get an edge of 1.06%.

Bets on the player give you an edge of 1.24%. However, bets on a tie have the highest house-edge of 14.4%.

Players who want maximum payouts will throw in most of their wagers on the banker. Truly, house-edge plays a vital role in the Bitcoin betting strategy for players.



In brief, house-edge is the way casinos make money from wagers. As a player, you may need to focus more on Bitcoin casinos with a lower house-edge.