When it comes to increasing the efficiency and productive capacity in pharmaceutical material processing, the in-depth knowledge of fluid bed technology is evident. This subject is often overlooked yet so crucial in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector that you cannot expect sustainability and growth without grasping its core concepts.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the underlying concepts of fluid bed processor and how it extensively impact the productivity of the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Similar to other significant pharmaceutical processes, fluid bed technology also involves various steps with each one having its own impact on the quality of the final product.


The Devil is in the Detail

By understanding the core principles and design of a fluid bed dryer, one can improve the overall efficiency of granules processing. Here, you have to consider three basic things including:

  • Fluid bed dryer strictly works on the principle of fluidization
  • Capacity to handle fluid bed drying
  • Innovation in design assures improved productivity


Fluid Bed Dryer Strictly Works on the Principle of Fluidization

As its name implies, the working of fluid bed dryer works on the principle of fluidization. Generally, the hot air is introduced to the equipment with powder or granules. The hot air then moves in an upward direction to the voids between the solid granules. These particles are forced in the similar direction as the gas velocity increases.

When the upward force measures up to the gravitational force, we can say the bed is completely fluidized. Keep in mind, by modifying certain parameters, you can also achieve an excellent drying of solid particles.


The Perks of Fluidization

  • Elevated rates of drying solid particles (powders and granules)
  • Better thermal efficiency
  • Great drying within a limited space
  • Accurate process control
  • Curtailed process costs


Capacity to Handle Fluid Bed Drying

Capacity to maintain the consistency and quality of the end product in fluid bed process is an important element. Ideally, it is suggested that you should pick an equipment that comes with adjustable settings so that you can amend the parameters as per your needs. This is one of the proven ways you can augment the productivity and efficiency of the process at the same time maintaining the quality and appearance of the final product. The best part is by assessing and amending all key parameters, you can conveniently amplify the efficiency of the complete process. Present-day custom fluid bed processors also allow you to control and adjust all settings through a user-friendly control panel.


Innovation in Design Assures Improved Productivity

When it comes to the fluid bed design element, there are numerous options available. For example, contingent upon the functionality of the application, you can either select a traditional fluid bed dryer or a granulator. There are options that features both the benefits of dryer and a coating device.

All in all, there are many options to choose from and you can pick any product of your choice depending on your unique requirements.

This signifies that you can select a fluid bed processor that assures maximum efficiency and optimum output.

Also, the present-day fluid bed processor enables manufacturers to use their equipment for multiple purposes by just making a few minor adjustments. Also, there are sprays fixed at multiple spots like top, tangential and bottom sprays.

In conclusion, the state-of-the-art present-day fluid bed technology gives entire control into the hands of the manufacturer and instantly augments efficiency and output. Although, the purpose of this equipment is to make the life of the manufacturer easy as it can handle many processes, it’s still advisable to consider all the parameters before investing your money into it.