Normally our mattress is covered and looks clean, thus quite often we assume that it’s clean when tidying our homes. Even after changing your bed sheets regularly, you will be surprised by the quantity of dust, dead skin flakes, and dirt beneath it. Each night our bodies sweat and shed dead skin to the mattress. With no time they become home to bacteria and dust mites that feed on the dead skin. It’s not surprising that without regular mattress cleaning Singapore, your mattress may be the dirtiest thing in your whole house.

Here are some top reasons to perform mattress cleaning regularly.

Maintain Air quality of your Bedroom to a high quality

We spend an average of eight hours sleeping, which sums up to 1/3 of our lifespan, thus it’s crucial to keep up healthy indoor air quality in your bedroom. Just like furniture, mattresses act like air filters in your home, absorbing dust and skin cells. Also, just like air filters, you should clean it to keep it clean and running efficiently. Regular cleaning of your mattress can be just as important as cleaning your carpet.

Allergy Management

Dust beneath our mattresses is the main cause of allergic problems such as asthma rhinitis and eczema. It’s common for allergy patients to have severe attacks at night because their bodies are reacting with dust particles from the mattress. Medics recommend allergy patients to clean their mattresses regularly to prevent these attacks. Cleaning your mattress eliminates contact with these antigens and reduces triggers that may lead to a health hazard.

Extend the life of your Mattress

Mattresses are expensive. Regular maintenance is important to all investments, deep cleaning removes contaminants and keeps the fibers unblemished. Cleaning your mattress is essential if you want it to have a long life.

A clean bedroom gives you peace of mind when sleeping

Do you know that mattress hygiene affects your sleep directly?

Having restless nights is unhealthy, a great night’s sleep enhances emotional well being and general health. To ensure a healthy sleep, have your mattress professionally cleaned.

How to Choose the Best Mattress Cleaning Service

Getting a good cleaning service is crucial to preserving your mattress. At first glance, all service providers might look the same, but having a closer look reveals a significant difference, especially if you know what you want. Because mattresses are delicate, it’s good to keep them unchanged after cleaning.

When looking for a company to hire. Do your diligent research before picking up your phone to call them. Get information about their services. Get reviews from previous clients. Ask if their workers are trained. Request for their rates and be careful not to be lured in by low prices.

Cleaning your mattress is good for your sleep, health, your bed, and your pocket.

To fully give your mattress the cleanliness it deserves, have it done by a professional service provider. Cleaning it isn’t an easy process, it can get soaked in steam and spoil it, thus its best left to the professionals. Hiring professional cleaners comes with a lot of benefits.