Wooden watches are special timepieces that combine nature and design. Usually, the strap and casing are made by wood, because the working of internal watch requires metal, just like any conventional watch. Wood has been a long part of human civilization since the beginning, which proves its versatility and sustainability. Natural wood watched are carved and beautifully designs that add grace and beauty to anyone who wears it.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Watches

Urban Designer is deeply concerned about the matters of sustainability of environment as well as the products being environmentally friendly, which is why we produce the best wooden quality watches. Wooden Watches by Urban Designer are made of reclaimed wood to give off minimal to no waste during its manufacturing procedure. Adding nature to your accessories can be a great way to express your concern about nature, and to wear something so unique. Since the watches are made of wood, we can say that the wooden watches almost grew, and are a living thing rather then being manufactured.


Reclaimed Wood

Wooden Watches by urban Designer are famous due to their sustainability, where all products are made of natural wood, yet only reclaimed wood is used. The watches are all crafted by handmade craftsmen. Wearing reclaimed wood watch is extremely classic and suitable since it matches all outfit. Other than watches, there is also a variety of rings, necklaces etc. Wood is a renewable source because of their sustainability. Reclaimed wood means that the wooden watches are made by using an old source or from any sustainable sources. It would be interesting for you to know that there is a wood grain in your watch which makes every watch unique. No two watches scan be entirely the same. These watches are simple yet classic in their design and promote sustainability of environment through use of reclaimed wood. Already, cutting down of trees is causing a chaos to our environment, which is why we opted for reclaimed wood to suit our eco-friendly and sustainability mission.


The Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gifts can be very hectic for any occasion, whether it is Valentine’s Day, a Reunion, A wedding, A promotion, or an Anniversary, there is always the question of what to buy. This time opt for Wooden Watches by Urban Designer which is made with grace and finesse such that it is sure to bring your loved one unforgettable memoir for their life. The watches are lightweight with a hint of nature (wood) which makes them stand out in a crowd for the person who is wearing it.


Addition of nature’s touch to any gift is always a thoughtful and delicate way of saying how special they are to you, so when it comes to wooden watches, they take a special place in the hearts of the people receiving it. Add a small message or card to it, pack it elegantly and gift it!


Unique Designs

Wooden Watches by Urban Designer come in a wide variety of the best designs. Whether you are looking for an informal type of watch, or for formal occasions, there is a design for every situation and every place. Think of your wooden watch as an antique in a room, how much of a refined impression it gives off and adds elegance to your personality. Wood watches go perfectly well with lighter wood and geometric designs instead of carving. The unique designs of wooden watches give off the best impression of you as an environmentalist and a person who appreciated in using the reclaimed wood creatively.


Customize Your Watches by Engraving them

Urban Designer offers wooden watches that can be customized according to your own preferences. For instance, if you want your initials engraved beneath the dial, or if you want to engrave a small message to your loved one, you can even opt to write the message in your own handwriting! The effect f your own handwriting creates a lasting impression on the receiver and becomes a special and unique gift just by this little customization.


What makes it Special?

Like all wooden things, wooden watches also fade and age with the passage of time. This causes it to change as well, however, just like antique furniture, the wooden watches also become an antique art piece instead of being worn out. A lot about the story of your wooden watch will be told by its surface and how it was taken care of. Taking good care is important, so that these wooden watches can be passed on from generation to generation without the problem of getting damaged or expiration of leather. If you keep it or have been passed down by someone in your family, you will understand the special type of bond that the watch will have with you because of the history associated with it.

The more you take care of your watch thoroughly, the more years it will survive, and the more heritage will be developed. The best way to take care of it is to follow the manufacturer’s advice on cleaning and polishing. Usually, the common materials used for shining the surface and polishing is beeswax, coconut oil etc.


Why Choose Urban Designer

Wooden Watches by Urban Designer are a statement, since they are not only possessing the best and unique designs, but also have made them by using sustainable sources which adds all the reasons to use these watches without worries. Wooden watches create a unique personality of you because of their individuality because of the grace, elegance, and care of nature associated with the beautiful wooden timepieces. Urban Designer works effortlessly to bring about the best designs for you, which are sophisticated yet lightweight. Other than this, Urban Designer Wooden Watches also offer the option to customize your watch which creates and emotional bond with the person you are giving the watch to. Sustainability, Creativity, Uniqueness and Durability are the integral characteristics of Urban Designers which have marked their name among the wooden watches.