In this article today we will share with you a useful online tool that you can use every day. We live in an era of technology. We can not imagine our lives without it, technology is everywhere, in our home, car, even pocket.

We can surely say that technology is fast-moving and is making our lives easier. This is a fact, imagine how were the transportation and communication just 100 years ago, terrible right? But these days we are able to move from Europe to the USA in 7 hours. For this, we need to be thankful for technology.

This post is not about the past is about now, for that we will share with you one cool tool that is completely free to use. This tool gives you the ability to check your current location and to track your position. You can use it everywhere, you just need to have an available networks and the internet. You can use it when you are lost, when are you traveling or when you want to find more details about the place where you are at!


About the tool

Where am i is a free to use tool which was originally launched early this year. With its very first version it get initial look and basic tool. You was only able to check your location with City Info, you have that now as well on the main screen along with County and Coordinates. You are able to check DMS Latitude and DMS Longitude as well.

As of now they are running on their 3.12 version, which was released in October 2019. They mention for big updates early next year.


How to use

When you first time come on the page, the browser will ask you if you want to share location with this website and you need to click Allow. This is because they are using HTML5 Geolocation API to detect your location. Since it can break some privacy rules you must decide by yourself if you want or do now want to share your location. Great thing is that they do not store your position in the database, they are keeping it just for your visit in local storage.

So this application is totally safe and free to use.


Other interesting tools

The most interesting tools is a tool that allows you to find your address. If you try and navigate from main menu to this page you will receive a screen like the one below with the following information:

1.Full address

2.Address type