Uses for Rock Salt


Rock salt is another name for halite. This type of rock shares some characteristics of salt but also has inherent differences. Beds exist all over the world, making it possible to mine and extract this rock for a variety of uses.


You might assume that all salt is white and uniform like the seasoning sprinkled on food. Halite is much different from table salt. This material has large crystals of irregular shape. It also has a wide variety of colors, ranging from yellow to blue to red. These color variations are due to inherent impurities in the material.

Sidewalks and Streets

In climates where snow and ice cover outdoor surfaces, many communities and people use pallets of rock salt to melt snow and ice. People use the mineral in several ways to keep surfaces safe.

If the material is applied to surfaces while snow is actively falling, it can reduce the accumulation because it melts the snow as it falls.


  1. Using halite after the snow has stopped can make it easier to clear the snow away.
  2. Placing halite onto sidewalks, driveways, and roads can prevent these surfaces from developing icy conditions because the mineral will melt the ice.
  3. Adding it to roadways can help break up ice, giving vehicles better traction.
  4. Some communities mix rock salt with sand to melt ice and create vehicle traction at the same time.


Killing Weeds

Consider rock salt for landscaping areas in need of a broad weed killer. Cover the ground liberally with an even layer of the mineral. As it dissolves and seeps into the ground, you will notice all types of plants in the area wither and die. The halite will keep plants and weeds from the soil for several months to up to a year. When you begin to see new growth, reapply.

If you use halite to control weed growth in paved areas, such as between sidewalk cracks, it may cause damage to the cement over time. For this reason, you might want to consider using a different method for killing weeds in these areas.


Softening Water

A high-grade type of halite can be efficient and economical for softening water. This material dissolves quickly and evenly, which is an advantage because it prevents messy accumulation in a water softener. Consult manufacturer guidelines to ensure that you choose the correct material for your appliance.



This mineral can serve as a natural and effective scouring agent. Sprinkle a few pellets into the bottom of a cast-iron skillet and rub firmly with a sponge to clean the pan. If burned food accumulates on the bottom of a hot oven, sprinkle halite onto the hot surface right away and let it cool. You can then remove the burnt food with a stiff brush after the oven cools.




If you live at the end of a long country lane that gets knee-deep in snow, it might not be practical to clear a way to the major roads that are maintained by the local authorities, who have regular contracts with their rock salt suppliers. However, many people are prevented from getting out of their homes often by just a few yards of ice, which can be quickly dissolved using bagged salt bought from your rock salt supplier.

Rock salt is inexpensive and readily available for purchase, making it suitable for many purposes around your home.


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