Ask any business owner their opinion on making their work places more secure for their employees and they all say it’s a good idea. However, many of those same business owners are thrilled about additional costs associated with properly securing the workplace.

There are numerous ways to secure a business but none make more sense than controlling access. Access control is one of the easiest ways to make a business more secure and keep costs low. There is little costs to maintaining RFID badge access points. For the most part they are fully automated and access can be granted or restricted from a centralized location.

The other alternative is controlling access with personnel. The costs of bringing on additional employees can be very expensive and contracting out those tasks can be risky and expensive at the same time.

Online companies like make getting customized RFID badges for your business very affordable and efficient. They provide an easy online solution to design your ID badges by starting with a completely blank design or an existing template. They will usually print them the same day and get them out to really quickly. Employers are able to utilize any format they want and can even include a photo for a more positive ID.

Being able to rapidly grant and restrict access is another big benefit to custom ID badges that are radio frequency enabled (RFID). This is because personnel can be instantly restricted from access when they have been terminated from an organization. On the other hand, they can be instantly allowed access when they are on-boarded into the organization. This means that notification to control access is instant which is in contrast to using guard personnel for the same tasks. Rapid notification can be problematic at best and not everyone could get the word but an instant signal could sent to access control points that would limit access to certain buildings, rooms, or what have you.

Imagine a scenario when a disgruntled employee has been terminated and they decide to violently retaliate. If an organization is using security guards then they might not have notification to prevent re-entry by that former employee in time. There could be lapse in communication and accidental entry could be granted which could result in an active shooter event.

Case in point is the incident at the White House in Washington D.C. which should be one of the most secure places in the entire country. However, someone was able to climb the fence and run deep inside the White House while it was guarded by personnel. Entry control points that require an RFID badge in order to open a door could have easily prevented entry.

RFID badges are not the end all when it comes to securing the work place. But it is a big step in the right direction. When compared to other security methods it is quite inexpensive to setup and maintain. Additionally, it gives employees a sense of security which is beneficial to productivity and maintaining a happy workforce.