Apple’s Clip app has finally received some exciting updates, which might lure users into using it. The app allows people to create videos, edit, and share them on the iPhone. However, some of its features were becoming outdated, and most Apple users got tired of it. 

The ability to change into the landscape and horizontal modes is a big deal in the entertainment industry. It allows you to be flexible not only when creating videos, but also when playing casino games like slots online pl.

Vertical videos will be a great deal for Clips 3.0. This new update will allow users to record videos in multiple ratios such as 9:16 for vertical, 4:3 for horizontal, 3:4 vertical, and 16:9 horizontal. The square was the only option available before, and this made it difficult to cope with the trending vertical videos in Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. Thankfully, the new update allows users to record videos in different ratios. This makes it easier to create content for these social media platforms. However, the square aspect remains in the app for anyone who might like his or her videos in that form. 

The industry has called this the biggest update so far for Clips 3.0. Besides, you can also take advantage of other features, which come along with the multiple ratios. For instance, the users can create multi-clip videos using an iPad or iPhone even without any experience.

What’s more, the new version has an improved user interface. There is an effects’ pane provided at the bottom. This makes it easier to swipe through the endless options while finding one that suits you best. Once you choose an effect, it will reflect on your video. You can also swipe up to get a full-screen view of other options like emojis, stickers, filters, and other effects you might want to apply to your clips. 

Additionally, users can add more free soundtracks to their videos, cute posters, additional speech bubbles, and more stickers. In short, you can get more creative in your videos since you will have plenty of features in your hands. 

If you shoot your videos with the new iPhone 12, then Apple gives you a chance to do so in Dolby Vision HDR. It is worth noting that iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro comes installed with the newly updated app. Moreover, you can still export the videos directly to other platforms, but this time around, there will be a video preview feature. This allows you to confirm the video you want to send to your social media platforms. There is also a separate export button in case you want to send it to someone else for editing purposes.

Other than this, the app retains some of its exciting features like transcribing speech. This allows the user to add live captions straight to the video. Besides, the soundtrack used will go hand in hand with the length of the video. So if you have a short video but want to use a long song, then it will stop at the end of the video.

Clip’s redesigned interface makes it simpler for teachers and young creators to make remarkable content without any prior editing experience. The multiple ratios are also impressive and innovative, as it will allow its users to keep up with the trending videos on other social media platforms.