There is a theory, that is, once a customer’s eyes stay in the shop window for five seconds longer, you’ll get twice as many business opportunities as competing brands. For garment stores and shopping malls, it is crucial and essential for them to learn about how to achieve visual merchandising and how to select the right


Visual Merchandising and Window Display

Undoubtedly, a successful window led display can maximize the mobilization of consumers’ optic nerve. It not only draws the attention of passers-by, but stimulates consumers to buy more clothes with the mannequin’s costume collocation.

The clothes of mannequins are related to customers’ first impression of a store, and even determine customers’ judgment of the store owner’s aesthetic taste. So how can a store owner arrange the costume collocation of mannequins?


There are three useful tips for you



Some store owners may neglect the body proportion of the models, which is such an essential and dispensable thing. Generally speaking, with the navel as the boundary, the fantastic ratio of upper and lower of our figure should be 5:8. By the way, short shirts with high-waist skirts or pants can help you achieve standard proportions.


  • Master the art of color matching.


Proper color matching can highlight the high-level sense of clothing and stimulate customers’ eyeballs so that customers have the desire to buy the clothes in the store. One thing for you to remember is that there should not be more than three colors of the whole collocation of the cloths.


  • Design the right combination of the cloths.


It’s widely acknowledged that, for the upper and lower aspect of our display mannequin, the combination of monochrome and mix-colors is the safest way for you to choose. Don’t combine two intricate patterns together in one collocation. Otherwise, it may have a bad influence on your business.


Mannequin body and its production process

 Mannequins have evolved as much as the clothing they are made to show off, incorporating trends and artistic influences decade after decade. After you gain some knowledge for your visual merchandising, it’s time to learn about mannequins, which is also crucial for your costume collocation.

Let’s get to know the production process of the mannequin. Take, for example, Posh Concept, an exclusive manufacturer of PC mannequin. which has been widely used in many familiar global chain stores and department stores. Its production consists of seven steps, including receiving the customer sample, creating 3D, confirming the 3D, getting a new mold, creating a pre-production sample, confirming again and finally starting production.


So what kind of mannequins should you choose?

 Firstly, eco-friendly and recyclable materials should be used in the production of the mannequins. For example, PC mannequin of Posh Concept is odorless and non-toxic, which can maintain a green production process and a sustainable environment. What’s more, its eco-friendly mannequin is compliant with Europe, the United States and Japan environmental protection standard.

Secondly, higher durability of mannequins is also important. Like Posh Concept, their one-step blow molding and special surface treatment are able to keep the PC mannequin from paint loss, color fading, scratching and cracking, which saves maintenance costs and enables a longer visual life.

Thirdly, the mannequins should be safe to use. An odorless and non-flammable material will be recommended for your mannequins. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the safety issue and the environment issue.

Fourth, you are not set to the opaque material for your display. If you have some special design or layout, a transparent or translucent mannequin will be more convenient and unique. It’s not a coincidence that PC mannequin of Posh Concept can provide these options for you.


Go check your window display and your mannequin body to see whether they are suitable and compatible for your store. And if you are unsatisfied with them, you are welcome to try Posh Concept as well as their PC mannequins.