Volunteering in Costa Rica: The Requirements, Your Actions and 6 Benefits Of the Programs

Are you looking for volunteering abroad? Do you want to travel to a country where Spanish is spoken? Do you like jungles and beautiful beaches? If your answer is yes, then you need to volunteer in Costa Rica or on the Kiawah Island where you’ll be able to find great Kiawah Island Vacation Rentals.

Volunteering in Costa Rica, will make you learn from the lives of the residents of the country. The work you do will help the less fortunate and make them inspired to learn and rise up to the challenges while you get to take in the beautiful views.

If you volunteer in Costa Rica, you will get to experience the most life changing event of your life which you will remember throughout your life. Thousands of people choose Costa Rica as the location to volunteer in. Volunteer in Costa Rica to learn about the country and improve your Spanish.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country located in the heart of Central America. The tiny country is home to plenty of beaches and exotic plants. The flora and fauna of the country is diverse due to its location in the heart of Central America with unique species being found in the country, making it one of the most visited cities in all of Central America.

If you are looking for a country near the US to visit or for volunteering then you should consider Costa Rica as the country to head to. The Volunteer Costa Rica is a one of a kind experience for volunteers looking for a unique experience. The nature is exquisite and the people are friendly, which is one of the reasons why people flock to the tiny nation.

When you volunteer in Costa Rica, you will be able to broaden your horizons.  The non-profit organization is located across the country in the capital and other cities. There are 19 programs to choose from. You will also get to immerse yourself in one of the sexiest and most spoken languages in the world that is Spanish.

The housing options are available for volunteers up to 30. The NGO (Broader View) frequently hosts student groups, troubled teenagers and even families in the volunteer program. Lifelong skills will be taught to the volunteers such as empathy and better communication skills. You and your family or friends can even consider going in a group together to enjoy a better experience.

Students can get involved in the program to learn more about volunteering and the country which will also help you stand out when applying to colleges for your further studies. Customized volunteering programs are always offered.


The Sea Turtle Program

It is one of the most in demand programs among volunteers who wish to volunteer in Costa Rica. The process of signing up for the program is relatively easy and you need to arrive in San Jose by morning. In order to take part in the volunteering program, here are the requirements which you need to fulfill and the services offered:

  • Be over the age of 17 or accompanied by your parents.
  • 24/7 Service is provided to volunteers hoping to participate in the program.
  • Accommodation is provided and can be tailored towards your needs.
  • Spanish lessons may also be provided subject to their availability.
  • You will have to work from 4 hours up to 8 hours in the program.
  • The program is also offered for special groups.

The program can last from a week up to 6 weeks, making it the ideal vacation for many. You will get to visit remote islands and participate in the sea turtle volunteer program. The country is home to millions of sea turtles. The work you will do will be to stop the sea turtles from being extinct by catching them and putting a tag on them to collect information that can be used to look after them and check their health.

The information will be very useful to ensure that they are not injured and be able to help them from going extinct. It is important to protect the eggs from poachers.



Prior experience is not necessary to take part in the program to help protect the endangered turtles from going extinct. However, it is important to know the basics of Spanish and learn how to be able to swim in the waters beforehand. The environment is rural and you should be able to adjust to it.

Your physical health is very important for taking part in the program, which is why it is recommended to consult your general physician before going on the trip to ensure that you are in perfect condition to participate in the program. Further you need to avoid any sort of drugs when on the trip for your safety and the safety of your fellow volunteers.


What will you do as a Volunteer?

You will get to work at the Osa Peninsula where most of the conservation is done in Costa Rica, it is the place where turtles have flocked to over the years but now have stopped coming due to the environment not being welcoming and unsafe for them. The turtles get stuck in dangerous conditions. The eggs are stolen by the poachers. It is your job to safeguard the animals and learn from their behavior.

One will get to accompany the scientists who will help you learn more about the creatures and study them. Besides this, you will get to clean the area and protect the eggs laid by the creatures. One will get to clean up the beaches from litter and other wastage. You will get to plant along the areas for the reforestation conservation program.

You will also get to feed the turtles and take good care of them. During the whole trip, you will get to learn a lot.


Our #6 list of benefits of volunteering programs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the place to volunteer. It can be the perfect escape that you need in your life. Venturing into the unknown can seem exciting which is why a trip to Costa Rica is just what you need in your life. The people of Costa Rica are welcoming towards foreigners and will go out of their way to make you feel right at home. Even though the people cannot speak English, they will try their very best to be of use to you.


1. A learning experience

Volunteering gives one skills that are useful throughout their life. From communication skills to time management, a trip to Costa Rica provides one the ultimate learning experience. If you are taking a gap year and are not sure what to do with your free time, then you should start planning your volunteering trip to Costa Rica. The country is not far from the US or Canada and that is why it has become very popular among Americans and Canadians alike.

The volunteering program in Costa Rica is diverse and gives you the skills you need to be successful in today’s world. Through volunteering can one learn more about different cultures and experience the meaning of life.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all we need to get our creative juices running. The volunteering experience is more practical and you start learning from day one. If you care about the planet, then you should consider enrolling in the volunteer program to make a change in the world.

Real learning is experiencing the world as compared to sitting in class and reading about places. Since Spanish is the language of the country, volunteering in Costa is the perfect excuse to brush up on your Spanish to get an A in class or to impress your Spanish crush back home.

The country is at the heart of it all. Being in the heart of Central America allows the country to be the best of both North America and South America.


2. Make Life Long Friends

When you choose to volunteer in the program, you will get to make lifelong friends whom you might stay in touch with when you even come  back home. Most of the volunteers who participate in the program are very friendly and will love to get to you better and provide you with insights into the latest developments in the industry, the country and the world.

Due to the immersive nature of the volunteer program, the people you live with or travel with throughout the country will become your best friends. They will have likeminded goals such as getting into a good college or to make an impact in the world.

Friends who volunteer together, stay together as has been observed. Try part in program which will team the importance of working in a group and improve your communication skills.


3. Experience a New Culture

When you visit Costa Rica, you will get to experience a new culture as compared to the culture back home. When you visit different countries and interact with the locals, that is when you will become aware of the similarities between different cultures and understand the importance of helping one another when in need.

The culture might give you a new fresh perspective on life and make you see life differently. When we travel, we get to learn more about the world and how similar we all are.

The culture in Costa Rica is welcoming and you won’t help but feel welcome in the society with locals trying to make sure that you have a great time. It is time that you took the leap of faith and did something that changed your views of the world.


4. Open Yourself Up to Compassion

Volunteering will open you up to compassion. When you get to see the different cultures and people, will you truly be able to understand the world. Compassion will improve your emotional intelligence and will look good on your resume.

Colleges and business organizations like to accept or hire those students who are known for being compassionate. It is a great trait to acquire through your time in a beautiful country like Costa Rica.


5. Make Use of Your summer

Summer is almost upon us and it is important to make the most use of the limited time we have. Plan ahead and book your trip to Costa Rica for an unbelievable summer experience.

It is the time when we all feel more alive and want to do something with our free time. Volunteering is the perfect something that you need to do in order to make full use of the time.

Costa Rica is extra beautiful during the summer and it is the time when animals like turtles make their way towards the north and is also the time of breeding for the turtles. The climate is romantic and you should consider bringing your partner to the trip of a lifetime. Due to the customized nature of the program, you and your partner can easily plan a trip to Costa Rica this summer and experience the life of a native.


6. Volunteering is the Habit to Nurture

One of the most important habits that a person can have is volunteering, through volunteering can a person learn more about the world and feel vulnerable to the sensitivities of their surroundings. If you look up to the volunteering efforts of some of the world’s most generous people, then it is about time that you walk in the footsteps of these amazing people like Mother Teresa who dedicated her life to humans.

Experience the joy of giving through the volunteer program where you will get to protect precious turtle eggs from predators and will also get to teach locals English or skills which they can learn later on in their life.

It is considered as the habit to have, once you start volunteering, you will experience the beauty of life and the joy of doing something selfless. To be selfless is to live a thousand lives.


Choose Costa Rica as your Volunteering Destination

Due to the many benefits of volunteering in beautiful Costa Rica, you should choose Costa Rica as the place to volunteer this summer.

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