VR Games 2021

Innovative VR technology is constantly being developed further. This is of course particularly pleasing for gaming fans, who can thus constantly enjoy new, impressive VR experiences. 

The possibilities in the field of VR are thus continuously expanding. For example, gamers can buy CSGO Skins today and further expand their gaming skills with them. 

The following article shows which VR games will cause a stir in 2021. 

After The Fall

The game After The Fall can be played with Playstation VR and PC VR glasses. This is the most elaborate project to date from Arizona Sunshine studio Vertigo Games. The player is transported back to an alternate historical LA of 2005, in which humanity is confronted with a designer drug that has already turned most of the earth’s population into zombies. As if this wasn’t enough, a new ice age has also broken out. 

In the game After The Fall, a maximum of four VR players can join forces and go into battle against the ice monsters with partially self-made weapons. The story is advertised by the developers as cinematic and offers exciting battles for multiplayer and single players. The game world is designed to be extremely dynamic, so that the gameplay remains fun for a long time. 

A Rogue Escape

A Rouge Escape can be played via PC VR glasses. The publisher places the player on an alien planet in an impressive underwater world. As part of the escape from a corrupt elite, a giant steampunk machine is captured. However, the player does not know how to control the gigantic metal vehicle. 

Namely, players must first decipher the clues of previous escapees and pilots on the four different floors of the steampunk machine. There are also lots of switches, levers and buttons to experiment with. In order for the monster to finally rise from the bottom of the sea, there are a total of five very different control centers to master. 

A Rouge Escape is based on the indie game Nauticrawl from 2019, but the game has been completely redeveloped for VR technology. 


Demeo is available for both Quest platform, the PC, and PC VR glasses. It is the latest coup from Resolution Games, simulating a tabletop gaming experience that can be explored with up to four players. Sitting around a magical board game with friends, players maneuver their own pieces across the board. 

The battles and moves are turn-based. The strength of the attack is determined by the roll of the dice, special combat abilities are given to the players by playing cards hidden in treasure chests. 

The perspective can be changed by the players at any time to fully immerse themselves in the world of the game. Thus, it is possible to experience the battles up close, instead of just watching them from above. A special feature of the game is that it can also be played together with friends who do not have VR glasses. 

Doom 3 VR Edition

Doom 3 VR Edition is designed for Playstation VR and will be released at the end of March. The game represents a VR port of the popular first-person shooter from 2004. The player takes on the role of a marine who must stop an invasion of demons at a Mars research facility. The VR edition of Doom impresses with the two expansions The Lost Mission and Resurrection of Evil. 

The original alone has already spoiled the player with 15 hours of gameplay. Extensive revisions have been made as part of the VR port, so new sound effects, shaders and textures are sure to excite. A display on the wrist shows the various HUD elements, such as ammunition, armor and health status. To ensure the best possible immersion, the Sony Aim Controller is supported by the game. 

Eye of the Temple

Eye of the Temple, which is available for PC VR glasses, is an exciting VR adventure course that focuses on physical movements in a room-filling virtual reality. 

The player takes on the role of a brave adventurer, who bears some resemblance to Indiana Jones. Equipped with a whip and a fedora hat, the player stands in front of the entrance to a temple where a mysterious treasure is hidden. 

To play successfully, the physical steps must be placed thoughtfully between moving platforms. Likewise, it is necessary to maintain balance on rolling cylinders and walk backwards so that the virtual character doesn’t tip over forward. 

Facebook Horizon

Facebook Horizon can be used on the Rift and Quest platforms. It is a Metaverse project that was announced by Facebook back in September 2019. 

It represents a portal that allows access to virtual worlds designed and populated by players. Experts describe Horizon as a combination of VRChat and Rec Room, which impresses with its extremely high creative potential. 


Foto: ©Damir Khabirov/ adobe.com