Wall decorations for your living

Your home is furnished: there are vertical blinds, a beautiful sofa, a beautiful coffee table and a practical cupboard. Yet the living room still lacks a finishing touch: color. Bringing color to your home makes your home a home. You can of course paint a wall bright red, but that is perhaps a bit extreme. A better idea is to brighten up your home with wall decorations. Large or small: as long as they bring color!

Photo on canvas

The advantage of a photo on canvas is that you can use your own photo, making your wall decoration very personal. If you want to ensure your photo on canvas hangs securely, consider using professional picture hanging Sydney.

Photos on canvas become slightly darker than you thought. This is due to the material: canvas is a natural material and if you select the photo on your screen, the photo will be illuminated from behind by the screen. This is of course not the case on canvas. You can take photos on canvas specially for the wall decoration, but sometimes you have a nice and suitable photo on your camera spontaneously. This way you can also change quickly: if you want a different wall decoration for a while you have created a new one, giving your living room a new look. Photo on canvas or canvas print, can easily be ordered online or in any of your local store.

Diamond Painting

Being creative is totally relaxing. A relatively new form of “crafting” is Diamond Painting. With crystal stones, in all kinds of colors, you make a painting yourself. How great you get started is, of course, up to you. But beware: before you know it you have the taste that you have a Diamond Painting in every room!

First of all: everyone should be creative. Now not everyone has it, but if all goes well we have some basis. As a child we have made a lot of crafts, even if it is only at school. By tinkering a lot as a child, you have a basis for later. You can think more creatively, you learn to be proud of yourself and you are a star at experimenting. At a certain age we often let go of the crafting. We don’t make time for it or think we don’t like it anymore. Yet there are plenty of creative hobbies that are embraced by adults. Take Diamond Painting for example!

When the Diamond Painting is ready, you can use it as a wall decoration, this will not only give a nice look to your wall but remind you as well of the time you spent by doing it and will bring up all the emotions you had that time.

These 2 very viable options for decorating your wall in the living or even basically every room in your home. This can be a bedroom or a kitchen, just to remember not to overdo it with the decorations, everything should be right and on spot!