If you’re running any type of marketing campaign, split testing is a must. It’s a way that you can take different elements of your marketing campaigns, ads, emails, and landing pages and test different versions against each other.

It’s like a continuously running duel to see which version performs the best. When you have a winning version, you’re going to get better results from your marketing campaigns.

Who doesn’t want that? Read on to find out more about performing split tests and to see a few A/B testing examples.

How to Run A/B Tests

When you’re just getting started with A/B testing, you might think that you have to create completely different versions of your marketing materials.

A/B testing is about optimization. You’re testing very small features in your ads against each other to see if you can make drastic improvements in your ROI.

Here are some of the most common parts of a campaign that you want to test:

  • Headline
  • Color
  • Call to Action
  • Call to Action Button Color
  • The image in ad or landing page
  • Ad copy
  • Layout
  • Offer
  • Personalization

What makes A/B testing impactful to your bottom line is that you’re only testing one thing at a time. That helps you zero in on what people are responding to in your campaigns.

If you are testing several things at one time and you see results, it’s almost impossible to track what is or isn’t making a difference in the response.

Top A/B Testing Examples

Now that you know more about what A/B testing is, let’s take a look at split testing in action. These A/B testing examples will demonstrate how to run testing campaigns.

Groove HQ

Groove offers customer support products and they needed to improve conversions of their website. At the time of their conversion rate was only 2.3%.

They did a lot of research and got feedback from industry experts as to what needed improvements. They changed up their landing page and saw conversion rates almost double.

Vancouver Olympics Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce stores can greatly benefit from A/B testing as this example will show. The marketing team behind the 2010 Vancouver Olympics eCommerce experience decided to test two versions of the checkout process.

The first version was a multi-step process, where you’d enter your shipping information on the first pave and then confirm your billing information and order on the next page.

They tested that checkout process against a one-page process, where all of the order and checkout information was on one page. This page performed 21% better than the multi-step process.

A/B Testing Improves Your Marketing Efforts

As a marketer, you’re under more pressure to produce results than ever. It’s rare to launch a perfect campaign right out of the gate. That’s why A/B testing is a great way to improve your results.

As you can see in these A/B testing examples, you can test any singular element of a campaign to maximize your results. You just need to make sure that you’re only testing one element at a time, though. It makes it much easier to track what users are responding to.

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