Watch winders: why is it worth having one and which one to choose?

If you wear your automatic watch regularly, it will always remain full of energy due to the natural movements of your body. The kinetic force generated during your movement helps the mechanism to wind itself. But if you stop walking to tie your shoes, for example, this energy is already released. A short break like this, or even taking off the watch at night, is of course not problematic and the watch continues to function as usual. Problems arise when the watch is not worn for a long period of time. This can be the case, for example, if you have several items. Especially rare and expensive wristwatches are usually only worn on special occasions or not at all, for example by collectors.

The stored energy decomposes and sooner or later the mechanical movement stops turning. In addition to the time, the day and date are lost and you have to wind the watch yourself. If this happens frequently on older models in particular, there is a risk that the oil inside the movement will thicken. This can cause displeasure, especially with collector’s items or high-quality models that are not worn daily. A watch winder can help.

What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a mechanical device that is used to keep your watch wound when not in use. It imitates the movements your watch needs to wind itself. Inserted into the watch winder, it is located at a certain angle and is rotated regularly so that kinetic energy continues to be generated. This energy is stored and there is no need to reset the movement after a longer period of non-use. However, the process does not run uninterruptedly, but at times similar to those of normal use. The winding mechanism is thus protected against overloading.

What is important?

Watch winders are available in various designs to meet the respective requirements. When buying, you should make sure that rotation in two directions is possible. The rotation required for mechanical watches is aligned to the left for some watches and to the right for others.

If you have only one or two watches, one watch winder with one place is sufficient. These are already run by battery. If you want to operate several movements over a longer period of time, you can use a multifunctional device that is powered from a wall socket.

What’s also important is the force that the watch winder can apply to wind your watch. Many high-quality automatic watches have a heavy weight. Winding is more difficult, so a more powerful mechanism is necessary.

A watch winder is a decorative storage place

One of the strongest arguments is certainly the fact that with a watch winder a very decorative place for your jewelry is created at the same time. The rotation is not only practical, but also looks impressive.


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