Are you looking forward to growing more YouTube Subscribers in 2020? Have you recently started a new channel or are you looking to gear up your existing channel? Well, whatever be the case, we are here to help you get more YouTube subscribers in 2020, so hang around.


Ten Proven Ways to get more YouTube Subscribers in 2020

1.    Use power playlists

Power playlists are just like the regular playlists; they are not charged or anything. The only difference between power playlists and the regular playlist is that power playlists are organised by outcomes as compared to the regular playlists that are organised by topics.

When you are selling an ‘outcome’ that people want, they tend to watch those playlists more, which brings me to the next point.

2.    Publish longer videos

So how long should a long video be and who decides that? Well, your YouTube videos should be longer than 10 minutes, who decided this?

According to research done on more than 1.3M YouTube videos, researchers found that longer videos rank better in the search results of YouTube.

3.    Promote videos in the end screen

So here is a rule of thumb – the more videos people watch, the more likely they are to subscribe to your channel. So how can you show them more videos? Simple, promote another one of your videos on the end screen.

This simple action of clicking ‘next video’ leads to more views and even more subscribes.

4.    Put subscribe button as your branding watermark

You probably know this already – you can add a branding watermark to your videos, but here is the hack. To make sure that your viewers subscribe to your channel instead of ignoring your watermark, add a watermark which looks like YouTube subscribe button.

People relate to that button more than they relate to your logo and trust me; it works.

5.    Make them qualitative, not just quantitative

This is the advice that most people give to you when you are new to the platform – keep a consistent posting schedule. Now, just because you are posting consistently or just because you are posting daily does not mean people will watch your videos.

This is why you should add quality to your videos so that people actually watch and subscribe.

6.    Reply to every comment

One thing that I can never understand is if people are getting engagement on their content, why are they not encouraging it? It would help if you made it a point to reply to all of the comments you are getting, and it is a sure shot way to get more subscribers.

YouTube has found a clear correlation between replying to comments and increasing subscribers. You can also buy youtube subscribers india to gain subscribers for your channel.

7.    Write a compelling channel description

People always underestimate the change that a compelling channel description can bring to their channel. Primarily since video SEO depends so much on it.

Your channel description should tell all about your channel, the vital information about your channel and it should include a call-to-action button.

8.    Funnel people to subscriber magnets

This is another sure shot way to get more YouTube subscribers in 2020. Begin with identifying which one video generated the most subscribers for you. For figuring this out, head to your old YouTube analytics report and then click on subscribers. You then need to click on the “YouTube watch page” and identify the video that brought you the most subs.

Now, you need to show this video to more and more people, and there are three ways to get that done.

  • Feature that video in the End Screen of your other videos.
  • Make a playlist and put that video on the top.
  • Promote that video on the screen cards.

You can also make this video your channel trailer.

9.    Use an awesome channel icon

Your channel icon is the identity of your YouTube channel, and it represents your channel. That is why it needs to be impressive.

10.Heart that one comment

A while back, YouTube launched creator hearts. Using this feature, you can highlight excellent comments on your videos.


But here is the exciting part, when you highlight someone’s comment, that person gets a notification on their channel. And according to a study conducted by YouTube, people who received a heart on their comments are highly, three times to be exact, likely to get more views on your channel.

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