Ways to Unlock the Best Deal on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers flights to various destinations across Central and South America, as well as in the United States. Usually they have great deals, but sometimes extra charges can apply. But if you know how to play the system to your advantage, you can score a great deal with Spirit Airlines.


Spirit Airlines: Keys to Cheap Flights

  1. At least two weeks before your trip, book your accommodations. Booking too close to departure will likely result in a higher fare.
  2. Use a coupon when you buy your flight. They can be difficult to use due to all the restrictions, but it is definitely worth a shot.  Spirit Airlines’ coupons can be found on their homepage or in their email newsletter (which is obnoxious and frequent).
  3. Find out if Spirit Airlines’ “$9 Fare Club” will save you more than the membership fee. If the cost of the membership doesn’t save you more cash on airfare than the cost of the membership itself, then stay away from this option. Make sure you set a reminder to cancel the subscription if you end up purchasing the subscription and don’t cancel it within a year, whether you need it again or not.
  4. To complete a one-way trip, purchase 2 Spirit Airlines tickets. There are generally no super-long (12+ hour) layovers in Fort Lauderdale on itineraries that Spirit Airlines sells. Spirit Airlines may not even display a possible route if you are in Minneapolis and wish to travel to Managua, Nicaragua.  You can find flights from Minneapolis (MSP) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and then from Fort Lauderdale to Managua (MGA) on Spirit.com.  Your layover in Fort Lauderdale will last about 18 hours – which gives you the chance to explore the city if you’d like to.
  5. Be aware of Spirit Airlines’ loyalty program. Instead of earning status based on the number of miles flown, it will be based on how much money is spent. Spirit Airlines, a low-cost airline, offers an unbundled fare model, allowing customers to choose which options they would like for their flight. Some of the additional options will also earn customers points under the new program.


Keep your luggage as light as possible. Your once cheap flight can quickly become a pricey one if you don’t pay attention to Spirit’s baggage fees (read more about Spirit’s baggage fees).  If necessary, extra baggage should be purchased before check-in or flown on a carrier that offers more flexible baggage policies.