The purpose of SEO is only to increase the revenue of that site or collection, but we still see that a site in several keywords is the first page of Google but does not have much revenue or no revenue at all, so we realize that only reaching the first page alone It cannot generate high income.

Someone who enters the site through Google needs your products or services, but we must follow the tips to increase site sales.

The First Step: Choosing the Right Keywords

SEO keyword selection infrastructure is good. If we make a mistake in choosing keywords, for example “Targeted website visitors” all the efforts we have made will be wasted and we will not get any good results.

Choosing and recognizing which word to choose for SEO to increase sales and increase site revenue and also reach the first page of Google in the shortest possible time is not possible without checking with the tools in this field.

To choose the right keyword, we must be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the number of searches for this word per month?
  • What is its CTR percentage?
  • What is the trend rate or its popularity?
  • How hard is the keyword?
  • Are those who enter the site through this word are my target customers?

Using the keyword selection tools and reviewing them and answering the above questions, we can choose the best keywords.

After selecting the keywords in the next step:

The Second Step: Increase Site Traffic Through SEO

After selecting the right keywords, we need to SEO the selected words to reach the first page of Google so that those who need our products or services can enter our site by searching for that keyword in Google.

There are other ways to increase site traffic such as ads on popular sites or ads on social networks as well as environmental or physical ads, but none of these have SEO effectiveness. For example, we advertise in one of the most visited sites for a month with a high amount and about a few hundred thousand people see our ads on that site. How many of those hundreds of thousands of people do you think are our target customers?

If we SEO our site correctly, Google will send us the most targeted customers.

So far, we have done two things, selected the appropriate keywords and brought it to the first page of Google through SEO. The next step:

Third Step: How to Convert Website Visits To Sales

We have two types of sites in total. The first type are sites that the user buys your services or products directly from the site, and the second type are sites that only represent your company or collection and no payment or ordering is done within the site. In both cases, there is no difference. At this stage, we must receive the user contact information so that our visitors become users of our site. To get buy High Converting Traffic ‘ contact information, we can create a landing page and put an irresistible offer, a free product or a good discount code in it and ask visitors to enter their contact information so that they can use our offer.

Sites that do not have services and products on the site for sale and are sold by phone or in person are usually contacted by visitors. You can save their contact number in CRM software or Excel file so that in the next steps you can Use it.

So far, we have been able to find people who need our products, visit our site and become users of our site. next level:

Fourth Step: Turning the User into A Buyer

When the user enters our site for the first time, he has no reason to buy from us the first time, and in many cases, he closes the site and forgets which site he had referred to. In the previous step, we received user information for this reason.

At this stage, we have the user’s contact information and by using marketing systems such as email marketing, SMS, communication on social networks, telephone calls by sales experts, we create more interaction with the user and design and offer suggestions. We provide initial sales and initial user trust in our collection.

Step 5: Turn the Buyer into A Regular Customer

This step completely depends on the quality of your product or service and your support and communication and many other things that you can do to turn the first person buyer into your regular customer.

I hope you have enjoyed the article so far and know that SEO is now an opportunity in the USA, maybe in a few years, given that the competition will be very high, not every site can enter the first page of Google and sites that are already on the page First, they have a better chance of staying on the front page. I hope you take this opportunity to attract many targeted customers.

We at SEO Center help you to be on the first page of Google in the shortest possible time.

Solutions To Increase Site Sales That Work for Any Internet Business

Just as the continuity of any business depends on the number of sales, the activity of online businesses also depends on increasing the sales of their site. The number of sales of a site is primarily affected by the number of visitors attracted to it and in the next step its conversion rate. After bringing the visitor to the store site space, various tactics such as marketing techniques can be used to turn these people from a regular visitor to a customer.
Now for companies and businesses that are thinking to buy web traffic for increasing the sales of their site, we will first have a general description of this issue and then divide the solutions into three groups.