Web design trends in 2022

Are you starting to build your website but don’t know how to start? How about starting by adopting the designs that are in trend for this year? Using this strategy will surely get many more visitors to your new page.

We’ve done extensive research to determine the most eye-catching designs found across the web. If you are interested, here we will leave four of the most accepted designs by consumers:

Designs with gradient color effects

Colorful pages certainly tend to catch many people’s eyes, but they tend to be boring when it’s just one color. This is why the best option will be to use a gradient effect between several colors that combine perfectly.

Choose the relevant colors that have something to do with your website or personal brand; after this, you will only have to combine them. The secret of this type of design is to achieve a smooth transition between each color and achieve an incredible web design.

With interactive 3D elements

According to this top design agency, 3D images with smooth movements are gaining more and more ground in cyberspace. In previous times, few pages dared to use them since the images are usually cumbersome, but now things have changed.

Thanks to advances in browsing speed, you will be able to use these images and even integrate interactive actions so that users are surprised. If you have a sales website, add a 3D model to your articles; by hovering over the image, it will show its characteristics.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best web designs that can be found, regardless of the type of pages you have. With a design like this, you will instantly get thousands of views

dark designs

This type of design has been around for a while now; Google’s mode might be the best example of this. To achieve this, you must make a good combination of dark nuances so that they can combine perfectly.

Focus on the viewers’ vision design allows you to minimize the visual impact that readers have when entering your pages. This is why this type of design has become so popular and has been around for so many years.

Designs similar in color to dark wood are undoubtedly most popular, as they are often pleasing to the eye. To achieve a good balance of colors, you must find a stable combination of the letters.

Minimalist designs with light typography

In 2021, excessively information-laden designs were widely used, but it users immediately rejected this 2022, minimalist designs have been resumed, which use light and easy-to-understand typography.

The secret of this type of design is to go straight to the point, propose an idea and solve it with the least amount of writing. The use of excessive images that clutter the screen should also be minimized, since the reader will not be able to concentrate on the writing.

In this way a light, fast and pleasing website is achieved, without a doubt this is one of the best designs. If you want to start creating your website, this would be a good option, it is simple, and you will be able to create a lot of content.