Any smart and serious businessman or company knows the value of information when conducting a market research or survey and the crucial role information plays in strategic decision making.

Fortunately, the Internet is a treasure trove of information that can be accessed from almost anywhere. However, due to the ever-increasing amount of information on the Web, the ability to track and use the information is a difficult process. To complicate things further this information is spread over billions of Web pages, each with different structure and format. So how do you quickly find the information you want and in the useful format?

For one, using Search engines isn’t enough although they are a big help, still, they can only do so much. The most search engines can do is locate the information. They scan about two or three levels deep into a Web site to find information and then return URLs. Search Engines are limited in their ability to retrieve information from deep-web. Moreover, after using a search engine to locate the information, you still have some work to do. Like sifting through the content till you find the specific information you want to copy and paste in a spreadsheet or database.

Imagine the number of man hours it will take for a company to build an e-mail marketing list of over 10,000 names. That’s a lot of work and the cost of paying someone to input such data will be high.

Now you are probably wondering if there is another method to swiftly harvest and process information.

Of course, there is a better solution you can use custom Web scraping software and tools.

This is very useful for companies that want to exploit the trove of data on competitors or markets available on the Internet. It is also very useful to website owners that need content in order to rank better on the search engines.

Web scraping software automatically scoops up information from the Web and continues from where search engines left off. Scraping tools automate the reading process, the copying and pasting necessary to collect information for further use. In effect, the software mimics the way a human will interact with the website and scrapes data as if the website is being browsed. Web scraping software and tools only scour the website to locate, filter and copy the needed data at much higher speeds that is not humanly possible. Advanced data scraping software is capable to scour a website and gather data discretely without leaving the footprints of access.

That said, using scraping software might lead to your IP address being blacklisted and could seriously affect your website. One way to avoid this is by using web scraping platforms like diggernaut.com any information you require, this site is at your disposal to dig it up.  Like I said before this is for smart people.




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