No matter in which industry a company is active, there is no way around digital channels these days.Online modular systems promise simple solutions by enabling companies and self-employed people to create their own websites quickly and easily. However, these self-created websites often develop
into unvisited digital cemeteries.

In addition to the free modular systems, the website market has also been flooded by amateurs for several years. Digital natives in particular can quickly acquire the basics for this. A comprehensive
qualification of the related disciplines, such as marketing and programming, is often not available.

This results in imperfect service packages, which ultimately also lead to digital cemeteries.
The website is the basis of all digital activities of a company, these include in the rough:
– The newsletter marketing. In this form of marketing, the website is necessary for registration in the newsletter. The advantage of newsletter marketing is that newsletters can be sent free of charge and that only customers are reached who are actually interested in your product or service.
– SEO: Anyone who has even dealt with this topic will very probably have heard the term search engine optimization (SEO) before. A professional search engine optimization is the key to real and actually interested visitors on your site. The necessary measures are often offered by various agencies at high prices. In the ideal case the SEO is conceived and integrated directly with the production of the side.
– In almost all cases, the main task of a site is to turn visitors into customers. In technical jargon, this is called conversion. The quality of a page as an overall concept can be read from its conversion rate.

How many visitors are enthusiastic about your company’s online presence? How many actually become customers? This is THE indicator for a good website.

Bajorat Media offers the ideal solution for an extensive organization of your online presence and has already been awarded several times for successful WordPress developments. Through profound expertise and many years of experience in Webdesign, this agency offers an all-round carefree package. Thanks to its 7-phase system, the professional creation and strategy behind the site is comprehensible. The numbers speak for themselves. On average, over 10,000 lines of code are
written for each website and over 200 pages are maintained by Bajorat-Media.