We all love weddings. The idea of getting everyone together to celebrate love sounds ideal. However, there is a lot of planning involved. You cannot just rent a venue and host a wedding since it would not feel like a wedding if it has not been styled. If you have attended a few weddings, you would have noticed just how beautiful they are and how perfect it looks. To achieve the same effect, the ideas mentioned in this will help you with your wedding venue dressing.

Fairytale Chandeliers

Since lighting is crucial for every wedding to look perfect, why not opt for lighting that makes the venue look magical. This is where fairytale chandeliers come into place. They illuminate a golden light and help light up the venue. You could also get a chandelier that contains tiny fairy lights. It will make the wedding unforgettable and you will be closer to that fairytale wedding that you have always wanted.

Blossom Trees

Make your wedding venue dressing stand out by getting blossom trees. If the church or whatever venue you choose has high ceilings, you should take advantage of all that space by placing blossom trees. Besides, you can never go wrong with blossom trees. It will make the wedding look more spectacular. Tall blossom trees draw the eye upwards and provide a fairytale finishing touch to your wedding.

Starlit Ceilings

Another great wedding venue dressing idea you will love is starlit ceilings. If you are planning on having a wedding during the winter, you should get starlit ceilings. They help bring light even during the early hours. Since the sun sets early, you will need that extra light. Opt for twinkling starlit ceilings for a truly magical experience. They also make your first dance as a couple extra special and allow photographers to capture amazing pictures.

Greenery Garlands

Utilize the existing features of the venue and dress the cartwheel lights with foliage and flowers to create a beautifully suspended centerpiece that will capture everyone’s attention. These decorations are perfect for weddings where the reception and ceremony are held on the same day.

Flowers Frames

Weddings are all about flowers and that is why you need to go overboard by getting lots of flower frames. Make your wedding day extra special by getting amazing flower frames. They work as a centerpiece and can also be reused for a photo booth and the archway.

Over-Sized Letters

Over-Sized Letters have been trending lately for all the right reasons. They work perfectly well in rustic venues, country houses, and city centers. Since they are versatile, you will have no problem utilizing them for the ceremony and reception. Besides, having your initials placed next to your partner’s will make you realize that the day where you get to vow to be with your partner till eternity is finally here.


This post will help you style the perfect wedding. No matter what type of venue you might have selected, the ideas mentioned here will prove useful.