Although cars, trucks, vans and other automobiles have become a part of our daily lives, they are still quite dangerous. So dangerous, as a matter of fact, that vehicle-related fatalities and injuries are one of the most common ways humans get injured in the modern world.

It is important to note that vehicle manufacturers have steadily improved their product’s capabilities as it comes to safety. Multiple airbags, seatbelts, shard-resistant glass, segregated ignition chambers, crumple-proof design; all of these seemingly innocuous features are there to keep us safer and reduce the severity of injuries. Yet, injuries and fatalities continue to be a source of pain and discomfort for many people in their daily lives.

Luckily, there is recourse for mistakes, incidents and problems that occur on the road. We have a robust legal system and many car accident lawyers who work explicitly in getting just compensation for their injured clients. However, determining the amount of compensation for these instances can be a bit tricky, as time away from work, rehabilitation therapy, and emotional damage are all difficult to put a price on and accurately calculate.

So, it can be helpful to understand what the common injuries are in car accidents, and we look at seven of them in some detail below.

Classic fifties scale model toy cars accident on the road.

  1. Neck Injuries

When people think of car accident injuries, they usually think of neck injuries. Whiplash is a very common symptom of a neck injury, and it can be hard to fix long-standing problems in this regard.


  1. Back Injuries

Although this may take a few days to present itself, back injuries are also usually a side-effect of injuries related to car accidents. In particular, the lower back is at the greatest risk of damage, and physical therapy may be necessary to alleviate pain symptoms.


  1. Chest Injuries

Chest injuries are a particular problem for the drivers of vehicles involved in collisions. This is because the steering column is often the area people’s bodies interact with, which may result in damaged ribs, tender muscles and collapsed lungs.


  1. Shoulder Injuries

Although shoulder injuries may not be overly serious, they too can take a little while to develop after an incident. Dislocated shoulders are one of the more common concerns and are usually noticeable by a reduced range of motion for the joint. Looking for a deformity in the area, as well as discolouration or numbness, is a good way to determine if a medical professional should get involved.


  1. Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

Headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and fatigue may all herald a mild traumatic brain injury. Though the skull is great at keeping the brain contained, it is not fantastic at keeping it still. As a result, the brain often moves during a motor vehicle collision and can be damaged with enough force.


  1. Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is one of the most serious injuries on this list because of its hidden nature. You may not be aware of any internal bleeding initially, but the treatment must occur quickly for the best chances of success. Therefore, ensure you speak with your doctor or the hospital about the potential for this type of injury as soon as possible.


  1. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

An ever more noticeable symptom in our society, PTSD has long-ranging effects on individuals, families and communities in general. The fear, danger and stress of a car accident doesn’t always end on the road; sometimes, it is carried back into our daily lives as a mark of past problems and emotional trauma.

If you are looking for a car accident lawyer to represent you and the injuries you have experienced in an automotive collision, consider contacting one to determine what your entitlement might be.