A breakaway lanyard is designed for individuals who need to wear ID badges. It allows the wearer to safely walk around while their badge is fully visible and accessible at all times. This means that it’s perfectly acceptable for breakaway lanyards to store personal items like cell phones or keys in their pockets or clip them on a belt loop.

What Is a Breakaway Lanyard?

There is nothing worse than being required to have an ID badge and then forgetting it at home or in the car. This can be very inconvenient, particularly when you need it to get access to a secure building or office space. Some people don’t like the idea of wearing an ID badge because it can be uncomfortable.

Others like to clip their badges on a belt loop or store them in a pocket, which is not permitted with traditional lanyards. Owing to this you may even go out of your way to avoid going someplace where you need to wear your badge. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for all these problems.

Breakaway Lanyards are designed to give the user maximum convenience as they come with a snap feature which opens up whenever under pressure. This offers multiple uses as it allows the user to easily take it off when not in use. It also saves an individual from falling victim to any accidents like choking as its snap feature makes it flexible and easy to open whenever required.

Benefits of a Breakaway Lanyard

One common reason for wearing an ID badge is that you and your organization might be required to do so by federal or state law. For example, businesses that employ a large number of people and have a physical location are usually required to wear their badges at all times when they’re on the premises.

However, this requirement can be problematic because certain activities require people to put their IDs away. These activities include driving, eating, talking on the phone, and even using a restroom stall.

You also can’t clip your badge to your belt loop or store it in a pocket. Fortunately, a breakaway lanyard solves this problem as it goes around your neck and is of great convenience when it comes to handling ID cards. It allows the wearer to put the Id card away whenever not required to be shown.

Breakaway lanyards also allow individuals to wear their badges without feeling restricted to a particular location. For example, many jobs require individuals to work in multiple buildings or departments.

If you’re required to go back and forth between these locations throughout the day, wearing a traditional lanyard can be inconvenient because you cannot remove it in between buildings.

These lanyards allow workers to store personal items like keys or phones securely in their pockets when not in use.

How Does a Breakaway Lanyard Work?

A breakaway lanyard is designed to protect an individual’s ID card or badge. When the wearer needs to take off their badge, they pull on one side of the breakaway lanyard, which easily comes apart. The other end can be clipped onto something like a belt loop or pants pocket for safekeeping until the person returns.

These lanyards are made from a sturdy material difficult to break. This makes them perfect for protecting IDs because they’re strong enough to support the weight of an ID card even when it’s hanging down from a pocket.

What Are Top Uses for a Breakaway Lanyard?

Aside from avoiding the inconvenience of wearing an ID badge, breakaway lanyards are perfect to be used in different kinds of organizations. For example, they’re excellent for use in hospitals because they allow medical staff to quickly remove their badges while providing patients with easy access to important information like their name, room number, visitation times, and an insurance company.

A breakaway lanyard is also perfect for holding keys. This is important for organizations that implement key control policies because it allows workers to keep their keys in a safe place without them falling out of a pocket or getting tangled up with other items like lanyards, USB drives, and pens.