What are Embosser Stamps ?


Embosser stamps are a great way to create professional-looking documents with the added bonus of greater security. This is because embossers use your own custom design to create an image that is literally raised above the paper. They are perfect for personalizing paper, envelopes, and even leather goods. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about embossed stamps, how they work, how you can design them yourself (or choose from our designs), and where you can get them!

What is an embosser stamp?

Embossers are used to create an image on a surface. The raised relief of the embosser stamp is achieved by pressing it into wet ink or water-based ink. When you press the embosser stamp onto paper or cardstock, you leave a raised impression that looks like an impression of your fingerprint.

It’s similar to using an old-fashioned rubber stamp with ink pads, but instead of using just one color of ink, you can use as many colors as you want.

How does an embosser stamp work?

An embosser stamp is made up of metal. The metal is heated by an electrical element, which causes it to become malleable and soft. Once heated, the stamp can be pressed against paper or other mediums with force in order to transfer its ink onto the surface of that material. Embossing ink is permanent, so once you have used your embosser stamp it should not be reused.

What are the different types of custom embossers?

Embossers are an affordable and reliable way to stamp a logo or image onto paper, plastic, and other materials. There are several types of embossers available depending on your needs.

  • Self-inking: These embossers have a built in ink pad and stamp multiple times with the click of a button before you need to refill the ink.
  • Plastic: These custom embosser stamps can be used on cards and paper goods as well as leather products like wallets and keychains. For this type of embosser you only need one hand to operate it (one hand is holding the object being stamped).
  • Custom Logo Stamps: This type of stamp is designed specifically for use with business names or logos so that every customer gets their own personalized message when they receive their product/service from you! You can choose what shape or size font will be used based on how much room there is left over after designing your logo properly first then choosing which size will fit best within those constraints; if none exist then go ahead and make one!

Do you have a custom design I can use with my custom embosser?

For those of you who have a custom design you would like to use, we can do that for you. Just send us your artwork and we will take care of the rest. We will make sure the design fits into our template so it is ready for embossing.

Can I get a stamp on a round handle?

Yes, you can get a stamp on a round handle. You can also get a custom stamp with your logo on the round handle. Or you could get a custom stamp with your name on the round handle. And even better than that, you can add both of those things onto a custom designed round handle for an extra special touch!

Why you should get an embossed stamp!

Embossers are a great way to personalize your work, make it stand out and show your personality. They’re also a great way to show how committed you are to what you do.


We hope that this post on custom embossing stamps has been helpful in explaining how to get started with your own stamp! This is a great way to make personalizing your documents easy, and it will look good too. If you’re still not sure about what kind of design might work for you, contact us here at InkHead Promotional Products today. We’d love to help!