What Are the Area Codes of California?

We all had a moment when we wanted to find out an area code of a certain number. That can happen when we receive a call, and we want to find out where it comes from. Or we just need to know what is the area code of a specific state. In this article, we will tell you about the area codes of California.

Area Codes of California

If you want to know what is the area code of California, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find out what is the area code of California.

So, the area code of California is 415. If you have ever received a call from a number which started with 415 area code, then you know this person calls from California.

There are also other codes which may indicate that the person calls you from this state. For example, area code 619 shows that someone calls from San Diego County. If you wish to call someone from Sacramento County, then the area code would be 916.

The area code for Los Angeles and its surrounding cities is 323. Numbers of Orange County have this area code – 714. The area code of San Francisco County, most of Marin County and small parts of San Mateo County is 415. Far southeastern part of California has the area code of 760. The area code of Alameda is 510.

Interesting Facts about California

California has a wide range of tourist attractions and it is home to popular Hollywood studios and large corporate headquarters such as Yahoo or Google, which are located in Silicon Valley. If you want to tracel there, you can check thisĀ California Travel Guide.

California is often called the Golden State due to gold mines that were discovered in the 19th century, as well as due to its sunny climate. Today, California is considered to be the wealthiest state in the country, and people are still mining gold there.

California is the third-largest state of the United States because it covers an area of about 160 thousand square miles. Besides, it is the most populous state of the US. The largest cities of California are San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco. The state is divided into 58 districts, 480 towns and cities.

The California State University has more than 400,000 students, which makes it the most extensive university system in the United States of America. In addition to public universities, California is also famous for private educational institutions (for example, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, the University of Southern California and hundreds of others).

There are moments when you urgently need to find out an area code of a specific place. So, today we found out what is the area code of California as well as area codes of other parts of this state. California is a huge state of our country, and it can be quite useful to know its area code.