Constantly advancing technology and the resulting digitalization ensure global networking. Companies in particular benefit from this advantage, as it allows them to get the most out of every process. This guide describes why companies should invest in the future and what the benefits of digitization are.


The battle against paper chaos


For many companies, the path to digitization represents an insurmountable hurdle. Yet the first steps can be taken quickly. The benefits can be found throughout the entire corporate structure. Digitization declares war on paper chaos.


Administration in particular benefits from the changeover. In this area, there is not only a high workload. The space required for archiving the mountains of paper represents an immense cost factor. Companies can counteract this by recognizing the signs of the times and jumping on the bandwagon of digitization.


Transparency ensures process acceleration


With the help of digitization, it is possible to increase efficiency. Data and its exchange can take place in real time. Documents are now only available in digital form. This makes every step traceable and ensures transparency. At the same time, digitization is a building block for remaining competitive.


Far too many companies shy away from the path to automation and are too timid in converting their business to digitized processes. After all, restructuring is a not insignificant cost factor. The solution can be a grant, which comes in the form of the Digital Prämie Berlin.


But what exactly does the grant entail? The Digital Prämie Berlin is awarded to companies based or located in the capital city with a need for digitization measures.


The funding is not limited to certain industries, but is open to all companies. The funding amount is impressive, as up to 17,000 euros await each applicant. Funding from the Digital Prämie Berlin can be applied for, among other things, for the following optimization processes:


Web design:

Use of multimedia technology, database implementations, HTML, CSS.


Online marketing:

Ads on social media such as Facebook as well as Instagram, area SEO On- and Offpage, SEA.


Web development:

Websites and landing pages, solutions in the area of e-commerce, digitalization of merchandise management systems, area of support as well as maintenance and care


IT security:

Infrastructure, storage and backup of data, digital form of securing the operating site


Transformation to Digital:

Automation processes of marketing and sales, solutions for the web store as well as apps, website creation, relaunches



Gone are the days when photographs are printed before they are distributed. Especially in high-volume photography genres, such as wedding photography, printing is costly, slow, and simply ineffective. That’s why digital photography has become standard as soon as it emerged.


Digital strategy building:

Brand launch workshops, goal setting, market and competition analysis, business process automation.

The benefits of digitalization


The Digital Prämie Berlin is not the only one that brings a number of benefits. For example, the digital switchover offers cost savings and the grant provides the necessary incentive, but digitization also captures other positive aspects:


Cost savings:

The introduction of digital processes leads to cost savings. It makes the use of paper a thing of the past.


Increased efficiency:

Digitization enables multiple people to access and edit documents simultaneously.


Promoting transparency:

Transparency and the exchange of information are promoted in the areas of administration, customers as well as suppliers. At the same time, monitoring can take place.

Increasing quality:

By switching to digital processes and constant traceability, both service and product quality can be controlled and increased.


Innovations and image promotion:

With digitalization, innovations can be established on the market more quickly. At the same time, a modern Internet presence promotes the company’s image.


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