Do you want to know what the best activities to do this holiday season are? Great, you’ve come to the right place.

This holiday season, it’s time for fun, joy, and lots of laughter. There’s something truly special about the holiday season – especially winter – when there’s a sprinkle of snow and Christmas songs are playing everywhere you go. It’s what life is made for!

So, whether you live with loved ones or alone, make sure to try out the following activities.

Have fun with your phone

When it’s extra cold outside and you’re sitting indoors with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, your phone is going to be a great source of entertainment for you. From binge-watching YouTube videos to browsing social media, you’ll be hooked. Click here to discover 7 fun ways to have fun with your phone and check out this cross-stitching generator !


Make a reading list

During a normal working week, it can be difficult to find time to read. After all, it’s not like you can read a book in 10 minutes – they take time! Thankfully, this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to create a reading list and get lost in all the books you’ve been meaning to read throughout the year.

When it comes to modern reading, you have two choices: paperback or eBooks. If you want the ‘classic feel’, you should stick with paperback books. However, if you want the opportunity to read whilst on the move with instant access to millions of titles, then eBooks are worth trying.

Go shopping in different cities

The holiday season wouldn’t be the same without shopping. From treating yourself to new clothes to buying gifts for others, shopping during this winter is going to be lots of fun. But do you know what will make it even better? Shopping in different cities.

London, Manchester, Liverpool, and so many other cities will be offering great stalls and night markets until the New Year and beyond, so make sure to check them out. Plus, shopping malls will be kitted out with winter themes and songs to add an extra element of magic to the occasion.

Refresh your home décor

Speaking of shopping, how’s your home décor looking at the moment? If it’s a bit lifeless and dull, you should use this holiday season as a chance to give everything a major refresh. From new wallpaper to fresh curtains and ornaments, don’t be afraid to get crazy and creative.

Arrange meetups with friends

Friends are just as important as loved ones, so it’s important that you make time for them this year!

You could invite your friends over for a Christmas party, or book a fancy restaurant for you all to go to. Fire up any group chats you have and get a feel for what everyone wants to do, then you can make it happen! Just remember to wrap up warm, as it’s probably going to be freezing outside.


If you want to have the time of your life this holiday season, make sure to do all of the activities mentioned above. Happy holidays!