What Are the Main Causes of Child Injury?

Wondering what is the main cause of child injuries? It was reported that every year 9 million children are taken to the emergency room because of injury. In the US, the total cost of child injuries is nearly, $11.5 billion.

We all know child injuries are a major health problem. According to WHO, more than 630,000 children, under the age of 15, died because of injuries. After the first birthday of children, injuries are a leading cause of death.

In this post, we have talked about the main causes of injuries. Have a look!


Major Causes of Child Injury

There are plenty of causes of child injury, here are some of the causes.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the top causes of child injury in ages from 5 to 19 is motor vehicle accidents. Almost every hour, 150 children visit an emergency room because they suffer serious injuries from traffic accidents. It is the top cause of death in children from 5 to 19 years.

In-car safety can be a confusing area for everyone. There are many caretakers and parents who don’t have complete knowledge about the laws and safest ways to travel with the child. Sometimes the most appropriate restraint is not used, or child car seat is not fitted In-car. These things can put your child at risk.

Burns and Scalds

Another cause of child injury is scalds and burns. According to a survey, 95% of childhood burns or scalds occur at home. Mostly, these have occurred when parents are not paying attention or don’t anticipate in day to day situations. For instance, a child trying to grab a hair straightener or hot pot of coffee.

According to NICHD, at least two children die because of being burned. Young children are more prone to get burned by steam or hot liquids. While older children get burned by directly getting in touch with fire. Every day, over 300 children reach the emergency room, suffering from burns.


One of the main causes of injuries in children is suffocation. Infants might suffocate during their sleep. Toddlers are suffocated by choking on food or any other objects. This is the reason parents are advised to leave children unsupervised when playing with toys or eating.

In some cases, children suffocate in bed because of pillows. However, the main cause of suffocation is loose blind cords. It is also recommended that ribbons and bags should not be left on the side of the cot.


Drowning is also a leading cause of injury ranging from ages 1 to 4. Almost every day, three children die from drowning. Many people don’t know babies and toddlers can drown in water as little as 5cm. They don’t make any noise or struggle when drowning. These children just slip away, this means there is no warning for alerting you about the problem.

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