Everybody loves a dive into the swimming pool on a hot summer day, just not when your dollar bills perform the same trick out of your wallet. The average cost of a once a week pool pump costs over $100, with that total pushing near $200 if your pool has fallen into despair and needs power vacuuming services to bring it back to life. If this seems like it can get a little costly, that’s because it can, but do not worry, this is typically an avoidable and unnecessary cost. A little education on swimming pool supplies can give you the best pool in the neighborhood and save you a nice amount of money. Keep reading to learn about the most important swimming pool supplies you need to maintain a clean and vibrant pool, and check this resource if you want to buy pool supplies.


The first accessory which is a must for any pool owner is a cleaner. You’re pool gets pretty fast filled with dirt and debris all over it. Yes, you can clean it manually, but it’s a very tedious and physical work, and of a good cleaner can do all the work in one hour. Basically there are three types of cleaners: Automation, suction and pressure side. From my experience suction cleaners are the best of all types. They are more economical that the other types, while very thorough in terms of cleaning your pool.


One of the first things any new swimming pool owner should purchase is a skimmer. This small device which looks like a basket traps all kinds of debris from eventually making its way into the water filter. Insects, leaves, and frogs can sometimes wind up inside the swimming pool, which shows just how important a skimmer is to keep the water clean. When you reach into your swimming pool to retrieve the skimmer, make sure that you take a quick glance inside the basket to make sure you do not make direct contact with something potentially harmful.


The next thing on the agenda is maintaining a well-kept vinyl liner. The vinyl lining of the swimming pool is what keeps the actual water itself from spilling out into your backyard. It is normal for some general wear and tear to occur after some years have passed, but when this happens you should not hesitate to take action to make any repairs you think are necessary. The vinyl liner of a swimming pool will only be as effective as you ultimately want it to be.


Last on the list is the purchase of a swimming pool cover. The motto to this pool supply is that “accidents happen.” Slipping into the water is something that can happen to your dog, your child, or even your coworkers. It is also great to have in case of bad weather. For instance, an ice storm comes in the winter and chips off pieces of your vinyl lining. With several swimming pool covers available including plastic covers and automatic covers you will have your choice of safe and affordable options.