Germany is home to one of the largest financial services industry in Europe after the United Kingdom. Frankfurt is the financial hub of Germany. There is a thriving startup culture in the country and it is due to the ease of flexible money credit in Germany. If you are planning on getting a loan in Germany, then there are three requirements that have to be met to take advantage of flexible financing.

The three conditions are being 18 or older, having a German address, and a regular income. If you meet these three requirements, then getting a loan in Germany will be easy. However, keep in mind that there are different types of loans in Germany and these are discussed in this post so that you can decide which option suits your needs best.


Bank Loan

The most common financing option in Germany is a bank loan. Installment credit or consumer credit is normally sought by Germans seeking financing. Through this option, one gets financing for just about every type of thing. Whether you are planning a holiday trip to South Asia or just Turkey like all the other Germans during summer, a bank loan can make your dream a reality. There is no requirement to show evidence of use of the funds to the bank. Once the bank approves your loan, the amount would be transferred to your bank account. However, remember that monthly mortgage payments would be deducted from the bank. In order to get a bank loan as a form of money credit in Germany,  the following conditions should be taken into account.

  • The interest rate varies from 3.5% to 5%.
  • A flexible loan period tends to be anywhere between 12 months to 84 months.
  • A flexible loan is considered to be anywhere between 2,500 to 50,000 Euros.

If you have a higher credit rating in Germany, then you will end up paying less on interest. However, anyone with a lower credit rating would have to pay more on interest.


Private Person Loans

In Germany, anyone seeking flexible money on credit can opt for financing from private persons. It is easier to obtain a loan from a private person as compared to a conventional bank. The term private person refers to a third party which could either be an individual or a company. It is the easiest option for anyone that does not have a higher credit rating in Germany. However, the interest rates can be on the higher end. But, it is a great option for those looking for bank-independent financing options.

If you are looking for the most reliable flexible credit company in Germany, then you need to check out VAIDOO. Private credit from VAIDOO is a great alternative to getting a loan from a German bank. In recent years, private lending has become the norm. There is an increase in demand for private credit as compared to conventional loans that are obtained from banks.

Borrow money privately with ease and convenience when you use the services of VAIDOO. The best part about their service is the fact that everything is done online and there is no unnecessary paperwork that is involved. Private lending with VAIDOO is perfect for the discreet and serious. There are no additional costs.

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The financing industry has changed entirely ever since the use of technology. There have been many new innovations in the world of financing. With Fintech and bitcoin revolutionizing the industry, various options have emerged. One of these options is crowdfunding. If you have a unique idea for a startup or are in a dire need of money for an urgent payment such as for your hospital, then you can rely on crowdfunding to help you. Websites such as have made raising money extremely easy. Finance your trip to the hospital or even your further studies through crowdfunding. is a great option as it is trusted worldwide and has become a leader in online fundraising. Take advantage of crowdfunding as it opens up new horizons. People from around the world can help fund your idea, your studies, or just about anything.


Loan Broker

If you are having trouble finding the best loan deal, then a loan broker can help you out with that. The loan broker has great expertise when it comes to helping you get a loan. The loan broker will ask you about the same information as a bank. He or she will then choose the right bank for you. Moreover, a credit investigation company will also be involved to find out about your credit ranking and to determine your creditworthiness to the broker and bank. A loan broker will make the entire process of getting money on credit in Germany easy.


Types of Loans in Germany

Just like anywhere else in the world,. Germany has various types of loans. These are distinguished in detail below.

  • Car Loan: It is obtained for financing a car purchase. You can expect a more favorable interest rate from a car loan.
  • Consumer Credit: For this type of loan, the purpose of the loan does not have to be stated. The interest rate is higher as compared to a car loan.
  • Overdraft Facility: The bank will determine an overdraft facility where you will be able to withdraw more than the account balance.
  • Mortgage: The loan enables you to purchase a home.