Starting a tech company, regardless of its scale, is a big challenge (as is its promotion). The need for advertising, promotion, distinguishing oneself from competitors and building brand identity is, however, so important that it is a challenge to be faced.

Small companies have fewer promotional opportunities. It’s a fact and there’s no point in fighting it, you just have to accept this. Fortunately, this does not mean that we are on a lost position in the clash with larger competitors. It is worth focusing on a smaller area of activity, but to approach it more flexibly and comprehensively.

Today I will give you some practical tips on how to promote your business locally.


Who do you want to be known to?

Before you get to grips with the many different possibilities, it is important to know which customers you want to inform about your company. You have to determine two factors: the radius and the target group. The radius determines how far the local advertising measures should reach. Of course, these could also be carried across borders, but if you have a certain area, you can calculate better with your finances.

Next comes the target group: who would you like to reach with advertising? Target groups are defined not only by age, but also by activities or interests. For example, there are young people, but there are also fashion-conscious, gambling or shy young people. The clear definition of the target group is therefore decisive for which advertising media are to be used. For this reason, the target group is determined first by its radius and then by its target group.

How to effectively promote local business?


Various advertising materials

Today, the field of advertising media is very large and extensive. Nevertheless, a classic is still one of the most helpful measures to increase local awareness: distribution of advertising material. The distribution of advertising material is the distribution of brochures and flyers. Both types provide numerous advantages, because within a few sentences one can describe the offer, the values and the achievements of the own enterprise. Here you just have to get in contact with professional who will help you to design and produce your promotional materials (see more here:  But it also depends on where the distribution of advertising material takes place. Surely one could distribute the Flyer and folders before the own entry door, but now again the periphery plays an important role.

Outdoor advertising

Billboarding in a strategic location in a close proximity to our company could be a good idea. The problem is, unfortunately, the cost of such advertising. The better the location, the higher the price. But sometimes it happens that even in a very good location we can find alternative ways to hang our advertisement without the risk of large fees.

Cooperation with local partners

Why should you treat local companies only as competitors? Especially if there is a chance for cooperation that will be mutually beneficial! It can be recommending each other’s services, or expanding your offer with new services offered by your local partner… There is a lot of concept, it all depends on individual possibilities and type of business, but it is not worth closing it.

Direct contact with the customer

Leaving the office to the residents gives the opportunity not only to show their offer but also to establish direct contacts. A simple conversation, a smile will make you stop being just a sign that passes by on your way. Local business is based on the community, which in one way or another you have to join. For example, local cultural events will be a good opportunity.

I want you to know that something’s going on.

As I mentioned before, keeping track of current local events gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers directly. Therefore, it is worth to take a look at this topic and think about how to use it in business. Sometimes it is enough to have a small stand with a nice hostess on the occasion of a concert or to take patronage over a local exhibition. Or maybe organize this exhibition at home? There is a lot of options and everything depends on what kind of business you have, the idea and how it can be combined with current local events.

Gratisas and promotional gadgets

This idea for promotions is also not innovative, but it is a good complement to other activities. A small gift or gadget, seemingly no big deal and yet it is a positive signal that we send to potential customers. It is important that our gadgets have a company logo, maybe also contact details to our company… Everything depends on the type of free and our idea of what and how we want to promote this way.

Loyalty programs

It can be a loyalty card, collecting points that give customers concrete benefits – again it all depends on your concept and the nature of your business. It’s about appreciating local customers, building lasting relationships and stimulating their activity. In order for it to work in this way, you need to think through the entire strategy based on sales processes, the purchasing cycle in the company and many other details that are characteristic for your business. For example, I offer 10% to anyone who brings a new customer to my office. Several companies have already come to me in this way. You have to work out your own way based on the real needs of your own and local customers.

I hope that these few methods will be a good hint for you how to promote your business locally.