What Does A Water Damage Marketing Company Offer?

Have you been having trouble trying to get more leads over the internet despite having used different approaches? Do you want to make the most out of your online presence? Then, you need to hire a water damage marketing company. It can be frustrating waiting around for more calls and leads. This is why you need to work with a water damage marketing company such as Restoration Marketing HQ. It is an inbound web marketing, optimization, and analytics company which focuses on the remediation and restoration industry. The company specializes in mold remediation marketing, smoke/ fire damage marketing, storm remediation marketing, and water damage marketing.

In recent years, more and more restoration entities have started to hire a water damage marketing company for business success. The company will identify how your current strategy can be improved in order to take your business to the next level. It will also help your business keep an accurate track on advertising results, leads, and sales from the internet. If you are wondering what a water damage marketing company offers, then, you need to read on.

Handles On-Page Technical SEO

A water damage marketing company will review the current business website. It will perform an audit of important keywords to identify the depth of content, image alt tags, H1 tags, URL structure, and much more. One of the most common mistakes by the majority of restoration company websites is that they lack the right keywords and require a lot more content that utilizes each keyword. For instance, many of the restoration company websites do not have separate pages for sewage damage, tree damage, smoke damage, flood damage, and other relevant pages. Thus, the water damage marketing company will help ensure that all relevant pages have been created for your business website.

Creates Vital Content

The key to more leads and sales is vital content. Hence, you will need a water damage marketing company to create the right content for your business website. The company knows which restoration verbiage to use. It will write new content for your social media posts, case studies, blog, and more. The water damage marketing company will create professional content which will be deployed on your business website which will allow you to maximize returns.

Distributes Content

When it comes to content, it is not just about creating content, but how you distribute it. Thus, when you hire a water damage marketing company, it will distribute and publish the content to just about any channel and medium as per your requirements. For instance, the company will consistently post content to your social media account to attract the local community and boost brand awareness. It will also manage and set up the email marketing campaigns for effectively reaching potential and previous clients with just a click of a button. You can expect the water damage marketing company to offer you with the best services for ensuring that your website is at the intersection of decision making among potential customers.

Advertises to the Target Audience

Creating and posting content is not enough which is why, the water damage marketing company will also make sure that your website is advertised to your target audience for greater returns. There are different ways through which awareness can be created. However, it is not as easy to target the right people. The water damage marketing company uses a range of techniques to target the right people such as by networking, social media posting, and advertising online. As the world goes digital, advertising is a cost-effective way to target specific people who require water damage restoration services, disaster restoration services, and the like. By focusing on specific keywords and hyper-targeting potential clients, you can expect the best possible returns by investing in a water damage marketing company.

Track Leads

Besides just advertising, you will need to be able to measure results which is only through tracking. Once the campaign is operational for boosting water damage leads, all the traffic generated to the website as well as leads and sales will be recorded. This information will be sent to you for better decision making. Moreover, you will also be provided with a tracking dashboard for easy tracking. It will allow you to measure the leads received. Tracking leads is crucial to strategy and for sales maximization.

Helps Your Measure, Manage & Optimize

When you hire a water damage marketing company, you get to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) campaigns, and different online marketing strategies. You get to use the latest techniques in the evolving landscape of how water damage restoration companies target customers. It is crucial that you use the services of a water damage marketing company for learning about the algorithm and rules of Google and how changes are imposed. This will help you maintain an online presence and keep track of all the latest changes.

Website Development & Design

The way your website looks plays a huge role in how potential customers perceive your business. This is why you need a water damage marketing company to help design or develop your business website in accordance with the best practices. It is important that the website looks professional and is easy to navigate. The water damage marketing company will take care of the website development and design in order to boost leads and sales. There are many aspects of the website which need to be considered. The company will monitor how leads react to your website, landing pages, and more. This crucial information will be used for creating the most effective website for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Never underestimate the power of social media marketing. It can make help take your business to the next level by attracting potential leads to your website, services, and more. The water damage marketing company is expert in social media marketing.


There are many services that are offered by a water damage marketing company. From on-page SEO to social media marketing, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands.