Hospice care is designed to provide support to people who are in the final phase of a terminal illness. Hospice Assist focuses on quality of life and comfort instead of the cure. The main goal of an hospice in Riverside CA is to enable patients to be free of pain and live a comfortable life. Hospice care allows patients to live every day as fully as they can. When someone is on hospice care, their needs are taken care of by the specialists.

Aggressive methods of pain control are often used in hospice care. Normally, hospice in Temecula and in general tends to be home-based. However, sometimes Hospice Assist also offers services away from home such as within a hospital, in nursing homes or a freestanding facility. The reason behind hospice’s success is its philosophy which aims to provide support to patients with their spiritual, social and emotional needs, keeping their medical symptoms in mind. Hospice care understands that a patient is a person and as such treats patients as a whole person with needs.

A multidisciplinary team approach is used in hospice programs and it includes the services of a social worker, doctor, nurse, and clergy to ensure that complete care is provided to patients. Moreover, additional services are also provided such as drugs for managing symptoms and to control pain. In addition to this, dietary supplies, medical social services, medical equipment, and supplies are all provided, along with counseling services and continuous home-care during times of crisis. There are many hospice care service providers, but it is important to choose a hospice care service provider such as http://hospiceassist.com/ as they truly care about your needs.

Even though hospice care does not necessarily aim to cure the terminal illness, it does try to treat potentially curable conditions like bladder infections and pneumonia, with short hospital stays if required. Hospice Assist also offers respite care workers who are trained volunteers that want to take care of patients that their family members or other caregivers do not always have to tend to do their needs and can take a break. Hospice care focuses on volunteer care.

If you are wondering where the word hospice comes from, then you must know that it comes from the Latin word “Hospitium” which means guesthouse. The word had been originally used to describe a place of shelter for sick and weary travelers that returned from a religious pilgrimage. It was only during the 1960s that Dr. Cicely Saunders started the modern hospice movement through the establishment of the St. Christopher’s Hospice.


Benefits of Hospice Care

Unlike traditional care services, hospice care truly focuses on the needs of the individual and ensures that patients feel welcome. Patients are treated with great care by Hospice Assist. The following are some of the benefits of hospice care.


Familiar Environment

Although nursing homes, hospitals, and other skilled long-term care facilities offer end-of-life care, hospice care is normally provided at home.

One of the best things about hospice is the fact that patients are given the liberty to choose where hospice care is received. Thus, it offers a sense of comfort and familiarity with patients.


Sense of Dignity

When patients consider hospice care, it means that they are not interested in pursuing life-prolonging treatment. It provides them with the opportunity to die with dignity rather than from being hooked to invasive medical procedures or loud machines just in an attempt to extend their life.


Comprehensive Health and Planning Professional Team

The health care team at Hospice Assist will create a comprehensive plan that takes your needs and illness into account. It is personalized. The hospice team consists of trained volunteers and health care professionals that provide medical, spiritual and psychological support for a person who is dying. Moreover, hospice care even tries to support the family of the patient by offering support services to them.


Respect the Wishes of the Patient

By planning for end-of-life care, Hospice Assist will help ensure that the wishes of your loved one are respected so that when the time comes, one can be sure that the right decision had been made. It relinquishes any regret or guilt you might have been feeling. Beyond private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, hospice care helps reduce out-of-pocket expenses for the family. Medicare Advantage plans 2021 can bring you more information. Hospice in Riverside CA is one of the best out there.


Provide All Medical Equipment and Medication

The best thing about hospice care is the fact that it is billed as a package procedure. This means that when hospice care is covered by Medicare, it includes the equipment, medication and other aids that might be needed to ensure that your loved one feels comfortable during his or her last days.


Offers Care 24/7

Hospice care is committed to ensuring that the needs of patients are met 24/7. It offers professionals who are available on-call throughout the day and night. No matter what time of the day it might be because a medical professional will always be just a call away. The medical professional will ensure that the needs of your ones are always met, whether it is food, medical attention or just about anything else.


Involves Friends and Family

Unlike hospitals or other care facilities that have specified visiting hours to limit people that visit, hospice care is provided at the convenience of your home. This means that the family, friends and just about anyone can visit the dying individual from the comfort of their home. Hospice Assist allows visitors to drop by so that they can pay their regards. It lets the family become involved in the process of providing care to their dying loved one.


Lessens the Burden of the Family

Since hospice care costs are covered, there is no need to worry about out-of-pocket expenses. On-call aides can help take care of the loved one so that families can take a break from caring and tending to their needs. Hospice care is a great option to ensure that the entire process of a loved one dying is taken care of.