Technology developed exponentially over the last five years as the digital era has continued to expand. However, with so many advancements promising the potential to revolutionise the industry it can be difficult to determine which is the perfect next-gen tech to implement in your business, and which is no more than a fad. To help you determine which tech will be a benefit to your business in the foreseeable future, we will be providing you with some of the biggest examples of next-gen tech on the market right now.

Stepping Up Meetings with Virtual Reality

With nearly half of the workforce in the UK working remotely throughout 2020, many technological advancements are being made in the world of online calls and video conferences. With developments in Virtual Reality for online meetings and international conferences, there is plenty of room for development in this field that can make working from home significantly easier. Though it could take time to see this implemented into several businesses, this can revolutionise business moving forward.

Implementation Of AI And Online Storage Solutions

In addition to the possibility of expansion in virtual meetings, there has also been a vast amount of development in online storage solutions. With AI created to improve customer experience and streamline the sales process, it can be used in conjunction with cloud management solutions to facilitate not only remote working but also ensure that all files from every aspect of the business are kept as safe as possible. The implementation of these solutions, as well as the scalability that it provides, can make a huge difference in business in the future.

Blockchain For Much More Than Just Supply Chains

Blockchain has revolutionised Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies in the last five years, but there has also been a huge shift in the implementation of blockchain technology in various sectors. With several benefits such as facilitating faster payments as well as increased efficiency coming from the implementation of the next-gen technology, this is a trend that we are likely to see increase throughout the course of the next five years. This in itself brings a huge amount of potential for scalability of your business allowing you to make strides for the future of your business.

Natural Language Processing

The final form of next-gen tech that can be used to better your business is Natural Language Processing. This is used to build artificial intelligence and increase the development of voice search capabilities as well as the development of other technologies. With the ability for this technology to sift through natural language to push forward in computer science to benefit business in the long term. Though this can prove beneficial for those in the tech development industry, this can also enable the development of Ai bots for several other companies to better the relationship with customers in the long term.

With plenty of technology currently under development, several trends are set to revolutionise the future of work in the post-COVID era.