What Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Crypto assets are very unstable. Their prices change rapidly and several times a day. There are also overall market trends: bearish and bullish, which means the market’s downward and upward movement that can last for months and years.

Neither crypto assets rates nor emission or funds transferring  depend on government or central banks. However, there are some factors impacting crypto prices:

  • the market trend;
  • investors’ sentiment;
  • economic processes in the world and crisis;
  • competition in the crypto market;
  • news background and hype.

Thus, crypto rates are volatile, enabling many opportunities for traders and investors.

Cryptocurrency investment is a profitable field where you can earn a significant profit in the long, middle, and short term, depending on your strategy. The essence is buying cryptocurrency and holding it for some period of time before selling it at a higher price. The period between buying and selling may range from 15 minutes to several months or years, depending on your strategy.

Trading strategies:

  1. scalping
  2. day trading
  3. swing trading
  4. buy-and-hold
  5. arbitrage.

Where can you implement all these strategies? Let’s talk about cryptocurrency exchanges.


Where To Buy Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a site where you can buy digital assets, convert them, sell, withdraw to fiat currencies, etc. Large crypto platforms such as Binance, WhiteBIT, KuCoin, etc., offer different options to work with crypto: staking, margin trading, spot markets, futures, etc. You can practice any trading strategy on the WhiteBIT or Coinbase demo account.

The above-mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges provide solid security for users’ funds, a wide range of digital assets, customer support, fast transactions, and average trading fees.

Top crypto exchanges offer convenient crypto calculators and charts to see how asset rates change over time. It helps to make the right decisions on opening and closing positions. You can see the list of the most credible crypto exchanges on the Coinmarketcap service.