Still wondering what is the perfect recipe to quit smoking?

The number of smokers in the world is approximately 1.5 billion people. The statistics is frightening: neither epidemic not war has taken so many human lives as smoking did. However, people continue spending their money on the poison, killing them gradually. Despite all the unpleasant sensations, nausea and cough, people are drawn into this addiction and have no will to refuse.

Many smokers try to give up smoking, but most of them fail. If you are a tobacco addict, it will be much more difficult to give up in a long-run. Every person is unique so the problem should be solved individually. Although, the experts agree, that the most reliable way is to give up smoking step by step. Check out the long-lasting debate if vaping is better than smoking.

First of all, you have to identify the reason for your smoking and why you don’t need it anymore. Then, find motivation and start your fight! The great incentive for women is beauty, children’s health and an example of virtue for them. Men are usually more motivated by their physical health and earning capacity.

Today there are many ways to quit smoking. Among them are particular literature, hypnosis, psychological training, drug therapy and of course electronic cigarette. This gadget has recently become not just the way of giving up smoking, but also a modern trend among the young people who support a healthy lifestyle.


vape box mods


Box mod is a pleasant therapy to quit smoking

Vape box mod is the most recent e-cigarette equivalent, which has many advantages and cool features. This is a versatile device which is super convenient very and enjoyable. It is used as an addition to a conventional e-cig allowing thicker clouds and better taste which is pleasant to inhale. The gadget resembles a box and is small enough to fit in your hand.


The main advantages

The box mods were appreciated instantly since the first devices have appeared on the market. Electronic motherboard with smart energy controls brought vaporizing to a new level. Now, these e-cigs are widely used due convenience in use and various functions:

  • Power adjust function
  • Voltage regulation function
  • Thermal control (A neat feature that prevents overheating and allows to keep a static set temperature)
  • Battery charge control. Protects the power supply from a full battery discharge and excessive charging.
  • Short circuit protection
  • Display with the indicators of battery level, temperature, puff quantity and other parameters depending on the vape mod model
  • Compactness. The designers did their best to create the most convenient device for vaporizing. Vape box mod will fit even the smallest pocket, having at the same time an excellent capacity.


box mod





Power and voltage adjustment, as well as thermal control, allows us to set an individual configuration. By changing these parameters, one can achieve the appropriate cloud density, temperature of the steam and its amount. New vape mod modifications give users the possibility of sub ohm vape which is so popular nowadays.

Also, the device doesn’t need a charger, could last long enough without charging, maintains a constant voltage until the charge runs out. Overall, vape mods make the vaping experience safer and more convenient.


Some drawbacks of vape mods

Most vapers believe that numerous advantages of box mods cover all the shortcomings of this device. Here are some of them:

  • High price as compared to the mechanical mods
  • Larger dimensions
  • Energy waste for display and board power
  • Complicated and expensive repairs in case of breakage
  • Less durable and reliable due to its complex construction


Bypass mode

The fans of sub Ohm vaping often choose a box mod with a bypass function. This mode allows the electronic devices to be used in a mechanical mode. Now vapers can “smoke” with a resistance of 0,1 Ohms and high power, relying on the protective functions of the regulated mode. Bypass mode provides a thick, saturated and fragrant steam.


Why People Love Vape Box Mods?

Box mod lovers can’t stop arguing about pros and cons of different models. Besides, you can choose your favourite vape box mod device and start your vaping journey. There is no doubt, that box mods are a perfect match for those people appreciating comfort and independence from constant battery charging.


Important tips when choosing a box mod

  • Remember, that different models require different connectors for atomizers.
  • The batteries have different capacity. One mod can run on 2200 mAh, the other one – 5000 mAh. The larger the capacity, the longer the vaping time can be. Although, this parameter depends on the temperature and power.
  • The charging types are also different. The most popular and convenient way to charge is USB, however, you can also use batteries which will require an external charger.
  • Pay attention to the weight, ergonomics and design. These characteristics are quite essential as the device should fit your hand ideally.
  • Take into account such parameters as the ability to update, the interface convenience and control buttons.

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Final Thoughts

There is always a unique box mod for every consumer. Maybe you’ve made up your mind to quit smoking? Or maybe you require a cool device to post a new picture on Instagram? Vape box mod might also be a cool & stylish gift to your friend who tries to quit smoking. It is not a problem to find something to your liking no matter whether you are a novice vaper or an expert.