What Is Astrology?

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Astrology is something that fascinates just about everyone. Just about everyone is interested in astrology in one way or another. For those of you that are unaware of astrology, it is important for you to know that astrology is the study of distance cosmic objects such as planets and stars and their impact on our lives.

The position of the planets, moon, stars and sun affect our lives in various ways. It is believed among astrologers that the position of celestial bodies influences our personality, romantic relationships and even success. The most important thing is the day on which a person is born and the position of the celestial bodies like the planets and the sub on that particular date. It defines a person.

Normally when people talk about astrology, they think about horoscopes and zodiac signs. When they refer to zodiacs, it is important to note that it is a type of sun-based astrology. It can be commonly found in newspapers daily. There are 12 zodiacs that are shown, along with the daily forecast of how the day would go for people belonging to a certain zodiac. However, most astrologers find this type of astrology to be basic as it only provides limited insights.


Astrology As A Guide

Astrology provides a guide from the moment a person is born. It provides them with information as to what can be expected from their life with regards to their future personality, outcomes, romantic life and just about everything.

Astrology provides details of what should be expected. It is based on experience and observation that goes back to the beginning of time or 5300 years ago when it had been first written. The lunar cycles can also be seen on cave walls and bone markings which date back to 25,000 years ago. It has been learned that the patterns of the night for some reason reflect our daily lives or potentially influences them considerably.

Augury, omens, fortune telling, prophecy and divination are some of the things that can be interpreted through these patterns. Human potential has been read since the beginning of time through various techniques such as by reading the lines of people’s palms or through numbers. Since astrology has been studies for thousands of years, it can be interpreted easily for accurate results. There are countless books, courses and schools that are dedicated to the study of astrology.


How Are Horoscopes Wrong If Astrology Is Real?

The horoscopes one might come across online or the newspaper tends to be simplistic in nature as it is based on the sign alone. It is impossible for 7 billion people to have either of the 12 horoscopes. If the sun signs had even been evenly distributed, it would still mean that each horoscope would hold true for 583,333,333 people which is not accurate. Moreover, it is important to note that the geographical position of a person plays a huge role in the accuracy of the horoscope.

In order to get a true horoscope, it needs to be based on nine other celestial bodies rather than just the sun. Moreover, the place where one was born, the time and where the person is now need to be taken into account. An educated and skilled astrologer would be able to provide the most reliable predictions.


Types of Astrology

For those of you who do not know, there are different fields in astrology. Some of these are explained below.


Horoscope Astrology

It is the study of an individual’s current experiences. The position of the planets on the given day will be looked at by the astrologer. A chart is drawn when a person is born and it becomes their Natal Chart. However, the plants continue moving. Possibilities and events are indicated by the movement of the natal planet.


Natal Astrology

The moment of birth is critical to Natal Astrology. It focuses on the moment of birth of a person to draw a Natal Chart which showcases the potential of the individual’s life. Natal Astrology is used to learn more about an individual’s possibilities, their talents and personality. It is a guide for a person.


Horary Astrology

Another popular type of astrology is Horary Astrology. It is a predictive astrology and is one of the most ancient. A question is asked by an astrologer and a chart is drawn for the moment to find answers. Many people use Horary Astrology to find out lottery numbers and to predict whether a business venture would be successful or not. It is important to keep in mind that predictive astrology tends to require examination of various indicators and is very intensive.


Astrology As the Ultimate Answer To Everything

There is no denying that astrology is useful and it can be used as a tool to somewhat predict our future and to learn more about ourselves. It allows us to learn more about our fears and desires, as well as our gifts and many talents. Objectivity is achieved through astrology when we might feel confused or biased. It teaches us about many things in life and our own selves.

According to reliable online psychics at Peninsuladailynews.com, horoscopes have a psychological impact on people which is normally referred to as the placebo effect. It is a belief wherein a person finds a useless method to make them feel better. The effect is where a person feels better simply be believing instead of by using the method.


Ultimate Astrology Guide

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