Ayurvedic medicine is easily one of the oldest holistic healing systems in the world. It originates from India. Ayurvedic is considered to have been developed over 3,000 years ago. It is based on the core belief that wellness and health depend on a balance between the spirit, body, and mind. The main goal of Ayurvedic is to promote good health. However, there are treatments designed for treating specific health issues. Ayurvedic supplements have become extremely popular today.

What Does Science Say About Ayurvedic?

According to various clinical trials and research involving Ayurvedic approaches, the following has been observed.

  • A 2013 clinical trial compared the results of two different Ayurvedic formulations of plant extracts with the drug celecoxib and natural product glucosamine sulphate in 440 people who experienced knee osteoarthritis. It was found that all the products offered similar improvements in functioning and reductions in pain.
  • A pilot study was conducted in 2011 involving 43 people. It was funded by the NCCIH. The small study revealed that Ayurvedic and conventional treatments for rheumatoid arthritis offered similar results. The Ayurvedic treatment contained 40 herbal compounds, whereas, the conventional drug that was given was methotrexate.
  • A small short-term clinical trial that consisted of 89 males and females suggested that Ayurvedic might help people who have type-2 diabetes. There were five Ayurvedic herbs that were used to create the formulation. However, it is important to bear in mind that other researchers stated that inadequate study designs prevented them from developing firm conclusions regarding the use of Ayurvedic for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Turmeric is the most commonly used herb in Ayurvedic preparations. According to two studies that were reported in 2005 and 2006 revealed that Ayurvedic might help with ulcerative colitis.

Ayurvedic Beliefs

There are many different Ayurvedic beliefs that people tend to hold. These are mentioned below.

  • Ayurvedic has the capability to treat just about any disease or illness.
  • It is a way of better living.
  • Ayurvedic can be applied to everyone.

Ayurvedic Opinions

Finally, it is important that you also know about the different Ayurvedic opinions as mentioned below.

  • Ayurvedic medicine should not be used to postpone a visit to a conventional healthcare provider concerning a medical problem.
  • To discuss with a conventional healthcare provider before deciding on using Ayurvedic products.
  • To try different Ayurvedic medicine to find out which one suits you best.


Before you decide to take any Ayurvedic medications, it is important that you consult with a healthcare expert if you are nursing or pregnant as there may be some harmful elements in the Ayurvedic products. Discuss your desire with a doctor for the best results.


Ayurvedic is finally getting the attention it deserves. However, research is still going on which is why it is best that you learn more about the Ayurvedic product before using it. This will help ensure that you do not suffer from any health complications.