What Is Clay Pomade And What Are Its Possible Uses

Clay pomade is a waxy product that is used to style hair. It has a Stronghold, matte finish infused with natural ingredients such as Clay, fennel, bentonite, sage, lemon seed oils and beeswax, the texturizing formula creates a strong, pliable hold without shine. This men’s hair wax defines, separates, and helps mold hair into different styles. It is also available in Hard Water and Soft Water formulations.


It is different in that it doesn’t have that clumpy or crunchy feel associated with gels, and it won’t flake. Pomades are great if you use a hair comb to do a hairstyle. So you can now get that cool Johnny Bravo look you’ve always wanted.

Note that pomades are of two different types, there is oil-based pomade and then there is the water-based pomade. Oil-based pomade has a much stronger hold, but it is very difficult to wash out of your hair and for this reason, most pomade you find will be water-based which can be easily rinsed out of your hair.


How to use Clay pomade?

  • First off, make sure your hair is clean
  • Next, put the clay into the palm of your hand
  • Warm the product by rubbing your hands together
  • Ensure there are no product clumps in your hands
  • Then apply on dry or damp hair as desired
  • If you’re pushing your hair back, start by coating the top of the hair.
  • Coat the hair by moving your hands through your hair from root to tip.

You can also use a comb for styling.


Benefits of using clay pomade

  • It is flake free
  • It is less not greasy
  • You apply it to wet or dry hair
  • Pomade also excels at creating texture and structure
  • Also available in Hard Water and Soft Water formulations
  • You can alter its effect by switching up the amount you use

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