Have you been trying to figure out how to unlock the Damascus Camo on Call of Duty? You’re not alone. The Damascus Camo is a hidden camo that unlocks by completing all challenges in the game, but this can be hard to do if you don’t know what they are!

I will be showing you a step by step tutorial on how to unlock the Damascus Camo in Call of Duty. The Damascus Camo is one of the rarest camouflages in the game and can only be unlocked through completing some very specific objectives. In order to achieve these objectives, you will need to have completed all missions up until “The Gulag” mission in single player mode. For those who are unfamiliar with “Call of Duty,” this is around 20 hours’ worth of gameplay that you must play before unlocking this camouflage!

If you want to unlock it without doing so much work, then keep reading for a full breakdown on what steps need to be done over multiple matches!



The Damascus camo is a rare pattern gun skin unlocked by achieving every other camo in the game for each weapon. It is distinguished with an aura of significance, as it can be seen on your Kill-Cam and broadcasts to everyone just how skilled you are. The prestige that comes from owning this camo will make all others bow down before you!



To achieve the camo for your gun of choice in this game mode requires a series of challenges to be unlocked. There are ten categories per weapon type which require different tasks from using certain guns with attachments such as an AR-15 rifle fitted with a red dot sight and suppressor alongside other typical military firearms like sniping rifles or shotguns spanning across multiple classes used in most modes found within Black Ops 4’s multiplayer suite.


– Play through every single mission using only Veteran Difficulty mode as they seem easier than playing on greater difficulties like Hardened or Expert modes because there are fewer enemies and more checkpoints.

– You need to accomplish 100% completion by completing challenges such as headshots, killstreaks etc., until they add up to 100%.

Once you have done that, then go for high scores in order to get your next tier.

– You can get an extra 250 points for each tier by getting the “Silent Assassin” bonus (complete a mission without being spotted).

– The camo will unlock once you have reached 1200 points and earned all your tiers of rewards. Once again, this is not easy, but it’s worth doing if you are willing to put in the time.”


Frequently Asked Question

Is Damascus Camo Worth it?

Damascus Camo absolutely worth it because approximately 0.6% of players have this skin. So, it shows how skilled and dedicated Call of Duty player you are.

Can I buy Damascus Camo?

Yes, you can buy Damascus Camo from lfcarry.com at a very affordable price. They also have lots of other Call of Duty boosting services.