Have you ever wondered what Opensearch is? Today, modern science has advanced so much that technologies already exist to provide all users with the most specific searches and results possible.

Recognized pages such as Amazon use OpenSearch to provide a much more efficient search engine that offers more accessible information for all users who access the platform.

In more technical words, OpenSearch is a search and analysis suite that monitors all kinds of information in real time using open source code that can be modified by any developer.


What license does OpenSearch work under?

All developers who wish to work with OpenSearch will enjoy software released under the Apache version 2.0 license. With it, all developers will enjoy all the facilities that open source software provides. That is to say, they will be able to have great usability, extension, modification, resale of the code with any modification that they have added and monetization of it.

In addition, having created OpenSearch with this type of software was with the objective that each developer integrate some novelty or benefit to the software, and create an increasingly better, modern and developed version.


Why should you use OpenSearch?

It is increasingly recommended to use hosted opensearch, especially since everyone who uses it will have the ability to:

• Capture.
• To protect.
• Search.
• Add.
• Analyze.
• Watch.

You will be able to modify and create new data easily and quickly, without having to go through any obstacles or closed code. Furthermore, the most attractive thing that OpenSearch offers is the advantage that everything you do with it (modify, expand, monetize, resell…) will be under total security, and a high-quality service.