What Is Voicemail Drop and How Can It Help My Business? 

Every entrepreneur on the planet has, at some point or another, found themselves in a seemingly never-ending game of phone tag. A customer fills out a form. You call to connect with them about their inquiry. You miss them. They call back. They miss you. You call back. Repeat ad infinitum.

Luckily, with voice drop and voicemail drop, you’ll find yourself spending far less time playing tag and far more time pursuing qualified leads. You simply need to know how it works. 


What is voicemail drop?

Business is becoming more and more digitized. Gone are the days of pen-and-paper inventory systems, legacy point of sale offerings, and manually managed customer logs.

With the advent of technologies like voicemail drops, several of the more “mundane” aspects of businesses are becoming much more streamlined, freeing up business owners to focus on growth as opposed to daily minutiae. That’s why voicemail drop is becoming increasingly popular as a method of business automation

In the past, business owners (or members of their customer service departments) would be required to manually place outbound calls to customers and wait for lengthy ringers and voicemail greetings before their could leave a message. With voicemail drop, you’re avoiding the dialing process altogether by sending pre-recorded voicemails directly to a phone’s backend. No longer are you risking calls being dropped or the minutes waiting on each call adding up to hours each week spent waiting.

Plus, it can often be much more effective than traditional call systems. Think about your own customer service efforts. How many times have you reached out to connect with a customer only to have your call declined? Even though it’s easy to ignore a call and forget about it minutes later, prospective customers are far less likely to delete a voicemail without at least giving it a listen first.


Why use it? 

Besides the previously mentioned customer response increases, voice drop has other added benefits as well. Firstly, it can reach both mobile phones and landlines. This is incredibly beneficial as some programs work more effectively with one method or the other, not both.

Also, it’s incredibly user-friendly, even if you don’t consider yourself the most tech-savvy business owner. Realistically, the only time you’ll end up investing is the time it takes to record and upload a message. These messages can be swapped in and out as needed, offering you greater flexibility to your customer outreach efforts. 

Perhaps most importantly, it’s an incredible timesaver. If you have even the slightest idea of how much of your time is spent on behalf of business outreach, you know just how important this is. For most entrepreneurs, it holds increasingly true that time equals money. When you remove some of the more repetitive tasks from your plate, you can devote that much more time to nurturing prospective customers as well as growing your business. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it? 


If you’re interested in incorporating voicemail drop into your marketing and customer outreach efforts, it’s best to start with a bit of research. Compare company offerings and see which ones most closely align with your needs. Keep in mind that not all voicemail drop services are created equally and some are more reputable than others. If you know colleagues who rely on voicemail drop, consider asking them for their services. As long as you’re confident in the decision your making and understand how it can impact your business for the better, you’re on track for success.