Regular maintenance of microclimate control systems is important not only for preventing breakdowns and extending the service life of climate control equipment but also for keeping the homeowner in good health. Clean, fresh air, optimal temperature and humidity characteristics are the best preventive measures against colds and allergies, and our Best Heating Cooling & Air service company will be the one to take care of it.

Why is a maintenance agreement needed?

Our company strives for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, so we are personally interested in ensuring that the climate control equipment in the homes and offices of our customers functions well and costs cheap. Obviously, the HVAC maintenance will be best performed by the contractor who installed the system because he is aware of all the design characteristics, vulnerabilities, and operating conditions.

Best Heating Cooling & Air proposes to conclude a maintenance agreement and to stop worrying about technical support for your climate control system. For a reasonable fee, our specialists will carry out the comprehensive hvac maintenance within a short time frame and whenever it suits you.

Prevention of malfunctions is cheaper than urgent repair of air conditioning systems—cooperating with us, you will avoid unnecessary expenses and inconveniences caused by large-scale repairs. Your equipment is in good hands—our level of professionalism is confirmed by the NATE certificate, the Xcel Energy approval, and many awards displayed on our corporate website.

What services are included in the maintenance package?

The range of services for the maintenance of climate control equipment includes regular inspection of the main units, replacement of consumables, and minor repairs as needed. The standard inspection procedure for home climate control systems comprises the following works to be performed every three months:

  • measuring the microclimate parameters in a room (temperature, humidity, speed with which air masses travel);
  • checking and adjusting the thermostat and controller settings;
  • checking the belt tension;
  • assessing the state of service lines and electrical wiring, stripping electrical contacts;
  • checking fittings, joints, bending components, and bearings;
  • replacing lubricants, refilling the coolant;
  • cleaning and disinfecting air ducts;
  • replacing air filters;
  • inspecting heaters, the condenser, the compressor, and the fan of the indoor unit, evacuating air from the circuit;
  • adjusting the position of toggle switches, breakers, valves, and gates,
  • checking the tightness of enclosing structures;
  • testing hatches and chambers for tightness of closure;
  • detecting leaks and condensate in drain systems;
  • testing the capacity of air-cooling and air-heating units and assessing the quality of conditioned air;
  • verifying voltage and current readings in the main system units, assessing the overall functionality of the system.

Every six months, at the beginning and the end of the heating season, it is necessary to inspect the ventilation system, including the monitoring of voltage and current strength parameters and the cleanup of the vane. The inspection of the outdoor unit and the removal of clogs and foreign bodies from the ventilation equipment are to be carried out once a year; should any malfunctions be identified, we will immediately take measures to restore the proper functioning of the climate control equipment as soon as possible.

Development of a maintenance plan for ventilation and air conditioning systems

Each microclimate system is unique and requires an individual approach—it is necessary to take into account the architectural features, current operational loads, age, and condition of the main units. When concluding a maintenance agreement, a list of repair and maintenance works and the frequency of carrying them out is established for each unit; all scheduled activities are recorded in the maintenance log.

Before starting the work, a report on the technical state of the ventilation system is drawn up, based on which a maintenance plan and recommendations for servicing the equipment are developed. If the quality of our services is not up to your standards, the Best Heating Cooling & Air company guarantees a 100% refund, but so far, not a single customer has demanded compensation for losses—we work as best we can and will not let you down!

For scheduling maintenance of climate control systems and signing a maintenance agreement, please contact the company manager by phone or via the feedback form on our website. Terms of cooperation are discussed individually; we are open to reach a compromise, try to minimize operating costs, save the customer from inconveniences, and accommodate any wishes—under close supervision of our technicians, your climate control equipment will forget how to break down for a long time!