Most people are afraid of going to the dentist. Some have larger fears than others. For those people, going to a dental appointment can be very challenging. If you are one of those people it’s unfortunate since a dental appointment is an important part of a healthy mouth.


It’s important to get your mouth checked every 6 months. This will ensure nothing bad like decay is happening in your mouth. If you go regularly and there is a cavity beginning, the dentist can find it before it becomes a large issue. This is one of the reasons why fearing the dentist can be harmful to your oral health.


The experts at Cedar Falls Dentist are here to help you with some ways to overcome your fear of the dentist. The fear may never go away, but learning how to deal with it will make your appointment that much better. Keep reading to learn what they are.


There are different dental fears people have.


The first fear people have is of needles. Of course, people have this fear with all needles, but the thought of it going into the gums makes people even more fearful of them. It’s very understandable even if the dentist is as gentle as they possibly can.


The second fear is of the drill. The drill is loud and can vibrate which can end up being an unpleasant sound and feeling for some. Most people don’t like the thought more than the actual experience.


The third fear of the dentist is of pain. Although many people have not experienced pain at the dentist, they still fear it. Perhaps they had a bad experience when they are younger and it has continued on into adulthood.


If one has bad teeth it can cause a lot of embarrassment and guilt for not taking care of them. This is why this is the fourth reason people fear the dentist.


Many people enjoy being put to sleep in the dentist so they don’t feel a thing. However, this also can be a fear of others. This is why it is another reason why people fear the dentist. People have watched videos of people embarrassing themselves and now are uncomfortable to think what they may end up doing.


The final reason why people get fear about going to the dentist is the cost. Yes, dental work can end up being expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover it. With that said, if you are getting regular checkups and cleaning your teeth properly, the amount of dental work you will ever need is minimal. As well, most dental offices allow you to be on excellent payment plans.


Did any of those reasons strike a chord with you? One of the first things you can do when trying to help your fear of going to the dentist is found of what you are scared of. This will be so helpful because it will let you know what you can work on.


Once you know your fear it’s then important to communicate it to your dentist. SAying, i don’t like the dentist may make the dentist jump to conclusions. Maybe they will automatically think you are scared of any pain when in reality you are actually just afraid of the cost.


Dentists want your experience to be as good as possible when seeing them. Communication is key. If you are nervous, they may end up telling you a funny joke that makes you laugh harder than you thought you could. The dentist means well and it’s important they know exactly how to help you so your oral health doesn’t suffer from your fears.


Sometimes adults need to act like children every once in a while. Have you ever tried to distract a child in order for them to do something? You may give them a game to play with or a toy. Sometimes you need to treat yourself like a child. Bring music that is upbeat to your appointment and listen to it during your appointment. This will keep you in a better mood and will help the time to pass quicker. You can also do little things like reward yourself. Promise yourself a new t-shirt if you go to your appointment. These may sound silly, but they really will work.


If you are unsure of the reason why you are scared of going to the dentist, the reason could be the dentist themselves. Maybe you are not going to a very welcoming office. It’s always okay to switch dentists. The new office can even call over for you to get your records. Your dentist should be a place you feel as comfortable as possible in, even if you have fears of being there. The secretary should be friendly and it should be a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to try out a new office.


Most dental offices offer sedation. If you truly are that scared, many patients simply like to be asleep so they don’t feel or notice anything. Although this is not a healthy regular option, if the dentist scares you that much, it’s okay to inquire about the sedation options, especially if you know you are getting any work done.


Did these suggestions help? Do you now understand what part of the dentist appointment you are afraid of? It’s okay to be afraid, in fact, many adults do have a fear of going to the dentist. It’s important to not let the fear keep you from having healthy oral health. Regular appointments are so important. For more information on overcoming your anxiety about your dental appointment, contact us today.