Are you going to travel to Vietnam and you don’t know what its cuisine is like? You have to know that Vietnamese food is one of the most valued in the eastern world. It is a type of cuisine that mixes flavors and cooking methods but is usually very healthy and nutritious. Soy sauce, the use of citrus fruits and the presence of soups are characteristic elements of Vietnamese cuisine. But if you want to know better how this type of food is, in this article from vietnam vizesi we will tell you what to eat in Vietnam revealing some of the typical dishes, as well as the most outstanding features of this culinary tradition. You’ll love it!

5 typical Vietnamese dishes

Now that you have a slight idea about what Vietnamese cuisine is like, we will enter fully into the topic at hand so that you know what to eat in Vietnam and enjoy delicious and traditional dishes. Many recipes are typical of the place, however, in vietnam. we will tell you what are the dishes you have to try yes or yes.

1.Soup “pho bo”, the national dish of Vietnam

We have said before that soups are essential in the cuisine of the country. But, of all of them, we highlight the Pho Bo, a soup that is considered almost as the nation’s dish. It is a recipe that is made with rice noodles, some veal, and spices that flavor the flavor. Depending on the region we are in, this dish will be accompanied by soy, coriander, mint, lime, and so on. You have to know that, normally, there are two varieties: the soup made with veal and the one made with chicken.

2.Nems, the “spring rolls” of Vietnam

Another of the typical dishes of Vietnam that you must discover during your trip is the “nem”. Of external appearance, these rolls seem similar to those typical of Chinese food, however, they are different both in their cooking and in their flavor. These rolls are fried in oil but are made with rice wafers. Inside they usually come stuffed with vegetables, minced meat, and so on. They are very crispy and are usually accompanied with peanut sauce to enjoy an impeccable gastronomic experience.

3.Banh Mi, the Vietnamese sandwich

In the previous section, we had already echoed this dish so peculiar and surprising. But we want to emphasize. And it is very strange that in an Asian country we find baguette bread like the one we have at home. But in Vietnam, this does exist. Because in the past this country was a French colony, the bread imprint has remained perennial in the gastronomic culture and this has led to the appearance of “banh mi”, a Vietnamese sandwich that is crunchier than our bread because it made with rice flour and wheat. These snacks are usually sold stuffed with bacon, chicken, pork, chicken, meatballs, and so on.

4.Banh Xeo, the crepes of Vietnam

And also due to the influence of French cuisine, we find that other possibilities to eat in Vietnam are “Bahn xeo”, a recipe very similar to western crepes but made with some different ingredients: rice flour, coconut milk, and turmeric. They are fried in the pan with oil and usually stuffed with pork, prawns, vegetables, etc.

5.Won ton

Surely the word “won ton” is familiar to you, right? And it is that these delicious empanadillas have become very popular in the restaurants that we have in the West. However in vietnam, although they seem typical of Vietnam, the truth is that they are only a recipe from a specific area: from Hanoi, that is, from the north of the country. This dish is characterized by being rice empanadas that are stuffed with meat and with a tomato sauce on top. They are fried with a lot of oil and served as an entree.