If you’re looking for a new job and thinking about working with a staffing agency, you probably have a lot of questions. How long will it take to land a job? Will the agency get the right type of job? How will the company be compensated? Here is a quick overview of what to expect from working with an agency.


 How It All Starts

Once you find an agency to work with, you will submit your resume to enter into their database. The recruiter you are working with will look over your resume and contact you to discuss what you are looking for. You will also be advised on fields and what sectors you should be targeting.

Keep in mind that there may be a screening process. Not all applicants will have the qualifications to land a job with the companies the agency is working for. It’s also possible that the agency specializes in certain industries. In this case, you want to look for a staffing agency that best suits your needs.

Depending on the agency, they may want to interview you first. This is to make sure that you have the qualifications for the position you’re going for.


 Understanding the Process

Once the company has decided to take you on as a client, they will put your information in their database. This will give you exposure to a large number of employers that are looking for qualified candidates. In many cases, it’s more beneficial to be on an agency’s database rather than post on a job site because agencies have established relationships with their clients.

Agencies may also assign you with a recruiter. The recruiter will work with you to help you get the position you’re looking for. They may also clarify details such as the location of employment, commute issues, salary, and other information that’s important to you.

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 Interview with Clients

It’s important to note that the agency does not charge you for their service. They are compensated by employers when they land them a qualified employee. But of course, the employers will want to interview you if they think you are a potential hire.

The agency will set you up with an interview with the employer. Since the agency is brokering the job, you will have to adhere to their rules and not contact the employer yourself. The agency will provide you with updates when they have any news.


 Getting the Offer

If the employer has looked over your resume and feels like you are a good hire after the interview, they will contact the agency. They will have an offer on the table which you will be able to review. If you agree to the job, they may also require additional information, training, and do a criminal background check to ensure that there aren’t any problems and you are prepared for the job.


 How Long Does the Process Take?

There is no set period of how long the whole process will take. But you should have completed an interview with the agency within the first two to three days. After that, your information will be submitted to the database if the agency feels like you are a good candidate.

From there, you will be set up with multiple interviews with different employers. The process can take many weeks until you land a position. You do have to assess your options, try to get the best salary and work for the company you think you’d be happy with. So it can be back and forth until you feel like you found the right job.

This is a general overview of what to expect from an agency. Because an agency is managing everything, the job-seeking process is made easier. All in all, it is far more beneficial to work with an agency than trying to do everything yourself with job listing sites.