What Type of BBQ Should You Get?

Summertime is made for barbequing! A good BBQ party isn’t complete without socialising with others and delicious food ready to be grilled up. In which case, if you’re hoping to become a grill master this summer, you want to find the right grill at your local BBQ store.

Learn what types of BBQ grills are out there to see which one would suit you best!


A Charcoal Grill

Are you the type of person that likes to order a charcoal burger? If so, a charcoal grill might suit you for barbequing! With this grill, you’re using charcoal to enrich your food with a smokey flavour. Since the grill uses charcoal for fuel, you will need to use more charcoal to increase the heat. It may take longer for this grill to heat up as it’s slower than gas or electric, but it lights fuel more quickly if used with a chimney starter. Plus, the dampers on the grill base and the lid regulate airflow to control the heat. Compared to other grills, this grill does require higher maintenance. You need to remove the charcoal ash after each use to ensure it still works well. However, if that doesn’t bother you, then you can get a great grill for a lower cost since charcoal grills are rather inexpensive.


A Gas Grill

One of the defining features of gas grills is how you don’t need to worry about fuel supply. So, you won’t have to dash out from your BBQ party to try and find fuel! Also, if you’re the type that wishes to find quick use from it, it won’t disappoint since it heats up quickly. They also usually have multiple burners that create different heating zones, which allows you to sear, cook, and warm up food. Plus, once you’re all finished, this grill is easy to clean up! However, a gas grill does have its drawbacks. If you’re using a natural gas grill, it requires installing a natural gas line from your house to the grill. So, if you were hoping to move it for whatever reason, you’re rather limited when it comes to mobility. Furthermore, this grill would require additional maintenance or even replacements for its burners, valves, vents, and heat shields.


A Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are known to be the lovechild between charcoal and gas grills. For the most part, they have garnered quite a reputation for being versatile. You can use a pellet grill like a convection oven since their range of temperatures is vast. In which case, you’re not just limited to grilling. With a pellet grill, you can use it for smoking, baking, roasting, and even braising! Mainly these grills are electrically-powered, but you would need to burn hardwood pellets for heat and smoke. In which case, it means you would need to ensure you have a good supply of them. Despite that, a pellet grill’s hopper dispenses food-safe pellets into the grill as necessary to maintain a preset temperature. In turn, this promotes heat control that helps to cook food evenly. Also, this type of grill takes on the distinct wood-smoked flavour of pellets made from woods such as hickory, mesquite, pecan and apple. So, if you like a variety of flavours, this grill is for you!

An Electric Grill

Not everyone has a house with a big backyard to get certain BBQ grills. Some of the models mentioned above aren’t possible in places like an apartment or condo because of the limited space. However, it doesn’t mean those living there can’t enjoy a good barbeque! With an electric grill, you only need one thing to power it up – a nearby electrical outlet. You don’t need to worry at all about looking for fuel since it comes from there. The beauty behind electric grills is that they’re usually small, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up too much space on your balcony.

However, if you’re hoping to grill up a lot of food, it’s going to take longer to do so. The only reason being is because it has a small surface area. Also, if you were hoping to get some flavour instilled into your food, think again. It doesn’t provide it, so you would have to give your food flavour by using liquid smoke or marinades. If you can overlook those aspects, electrical grills are pretty good as they heat up quickly and cook your food evenly. And, you can guarantee you won’t need to worry about prepping, and it’s easy to clean up!

Nowadays, you can choose from various models of BBQ grills—all with their pros and cons. However, you can always ultimately find one that suits your wants and needs. Hopefully, this was insightful and helped you figure out the best BBQ grill you can get!