When it comes to work, never underestimate the importance of being comfortable in terms of productivity in the workplace.

Many of us spend hours each day sat at a desk in front of a computer or laptop and if we fail to invest in the right chairs and desk equipment we often find ourselves paying the price in the future.

The fact that we spend so much time sat at a desk each week has resulted in more people suffering with poor posture issues than ever before. Other than investing in a standing desk, if you do wish to avoid posture related issues and be a great deal more comfortable in the process, you should really invest in an ergonomic office chair to get more from your time at your desk.

Choosing the best office chair for you can be tricky however, due to the fact that there are so many different products to choose from, so which should you go with?

Here’s a look at several tips on choosing an office chair.


Look for an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support

As mentioned in the intro, because so many people are now working sedentary office jobs requiring them to spend hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen, posture related issues are more common than ever. This is good news if you’re a chiropractor, but not such good news if you enjoy being pain-free.

Because we spend so much time slouched forwards, looking down or up at the screen, we can find our back hurting and ourselves succumbing to the ill effects of poor posture.

To help counter these back issues and provide support for the back, look for the best office chair offering lumbar support that you can find.

An ergonomic office chair offers lumbar support for the lower back which is adjustable so you can adjust accordingly based on your shape and size.

The best office chair products on the market today will offer lumbar support that will help support the back and prevent conditions such as sciatica and lumbago, which can be very painful.


Know your types

Everybody has a type, and yes, we are talking about chairs.

If you’re looking for the best office chair that you can find, it’s important to know the different types of chair which are available.

You can go with saddle seat chairs which offer no backs, and cushioned seats, as well as kneeling chairs which can help to reduce the strain and pressure placed upon the lower back. There are leather chairs, mesh chairs, and other types of ergonomic office chair products for you to choose from so take the time to familiarize yourself with the different styles and types.


Don’t forget the material

As well as the type and style of chair, it also pays to understand the fundamental differences in material.

Different ergonomic office chairs come in different materials, so it is important to factor these into the equation when you are on the hunt for a new chair for your office.

If you live somewhere warm, or if your office just happens to be hot a lot of the year, a mesh office chair such as the Premium Ergonomic Chair from SOLOS would be highly recommended as the mesh material helps to stay cool as it allows the fabric and your skin to breathe.

If your office is cooler a lot of the year, various fabrics and upholsteries may be better as they help to stay warm for longer. If you want something in between, you can never go wrong with leather.


How adjustable are they?

One of the best things about ergonomic office chairs from quality suppliers, is the fact that the chairs themselves are so easily adjusted.

People, like some of the best office chairs, come in all shapes and sizes and so obviously a chair that is suitable for one person’s size may not be suitable for another person’s size.

Office chairs that can be adjusted will offer a height and arm adjustments, though look for ones which offer plenty of adjustment options. At a minimum, you want five adjustments, though in truth, you can go as high as 14. Needless to say, 14 different adjustment options will give you plenty of support and comfort.


Do they swivel correctly?

One of life’s little pleasures is swivelling on an office chair when you’re supposed to be working, and it turns out that the swivel feature is actually very important.

Obviously all of the best office chair products will swivel, but exactly how well do they swivel? If the chair doesn’t spin and swivel very effectively, it can result in arm pain because you’re having to force the chair to move and spin. Nobody wants to go through an arm workout every time they want to spin around in their chair, so try to find an office chair that spins and swivels freely.


What about the style?

It’s all well and good finding an office chair that supports your back and offers comfort in the process, but as it is a working environment it’s also important to choose a chair in a style and design that compliments the office décor.

Look at the décor in your office and try to find a chair that you find aesthetically pleasing that you feel will really complement your office and make it look nicer and a great deal more professional.

SOLOS offer a number of stylish ergonomic office chair products, including their Fashion Ergonomic Chair, which not only offers comfort and support, but also happens to look fantastic in the process.


What about the cost?

Finally, even though you can’t put a price on comfort, it’s important that you find an office chair that is available in a price that fits within your budget.

Some of the best office chair products can be purchased for as little as $170, or as much as $800 – $1000 so there are plenty of options and there is a lot of wiggle room depending on your budget.

Just remember, cheaper chairs that cost, say, $50 or less, may look nice and on paper may offer impressive specs, but the truth is that they will likely be made with inferior materials which could break and fail to offer you the support that you require.

SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair is one of the best ergonomic office chairs;

  • Up to 9 adjustments with a truly ergonomic design.
  • Lumbar support and airflow mesh support.
  • Easy Assembly with only two pre-installed screws.
  • Star-shaped aluminum base with five omnidirectional casters.
  • 3-years warranty.

The price of $389 is definitely excellent quality and reasonable price.