What You Can Find at a Cannabis Dispensary

If you enjoy marijuana, then you’re probably pretty excited about the fact that much of the civilized world is dropping its taboo on the substance, with many states and provinces no longer even considering it a “drug” or a controlled substance. This is why we’re starting to see so many different dispensaries popping up all over the place, selling high-quality dank buds.

Though if you go into a cannabis dispensary, like EggsCanna, you’re going to find much more than just some regular weed in jars and joints. Here are some of the great things you can hope to find at a quality dispensary near you.


Things You’ll Find at a Dispensary

1: High-Test Weed

The number-one thing you’re going to find at a dispensary is obviously the pot! This is why so many will call these places “pot shops” to begin with. They have shelves and shelves and cases and back rooms full of the finest weed this planet has to offer. We’re talking about the stuff of legends, like kush and chronic and purple buds and Pineapple Express, and on and on. You can find any sort of sativa or indica strain to match your needs, no matter what they are. Stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, dieting needs, blood sugar, pain management, whatever the case may be, there’s a bud for you.

Plus, with appropriate labelling and knowledgeable staff (more on that later), it is easy to choose a sativa or indica, high or low THC, citrus or pine flavours and so much more variety that packing all the questions you could ask in here would be difficult!


2: Bowls, Bongs, Glassware, Etc.

If you’re a lover of traditional buds, then you know they need to be smoked. This is where different devices come in. As one might imagine, a marijuana dispensary has a ton of different devices you can use. You can find the classic one-hitter dugouts or a wide variety of water bongs. You can find all sorts of papers here, including a ton of different flavored papers, and even pre-rolls like joints and blunts. If smoking bud is your thing, then these dispensaries have all sorts of options for you. You might have a hard time choosing which you want.


3: Edibles

Edibles have long been around and were typically made by people at home when they threw actual pot into batches of food and cooked it. While this was effective, it was very “dirty,” so to speak, not giving a clean high and not tasting very good. Today’s edibles use THC concentrates to provide the potency, so the end result is that you find edibles that are packed with a lot of flavor and a high concentration of THC. You can find cookies and brownies and cupcakes and lollipops and so much more. Every cannabis dispensary will have some quality edibles.

Shot of dried marijuana and a rolled joint

4: Vaporizers

Vaporizers are great for concentrates, which are sold in every high-end marijuana dispensary. This is basically when the THC is extracted from the plant and put into a concentration, so that you can enjoy the effects of the THC without having to actually physically smoke the plant. You do this through a wide range of vaporizers you can find here, and this heats the concentrate up and literally vaporizes it, so that you’re only inhaling the purest form of the concentrate. This is a method that’s all the rage now, with millions of people enjoying their marijuana this way.


5: Consumables

Marijuana dispensaries usually have everything you need to actually smoke the pot as well. This includes things like rolling papers. But, that isn’t the limit of consumables available by any means. You can also find pipe cleaners, lighters, rolling machines, bowl screens, replacement bowls, replacement seals and much more. While the fun of marijuana is certainly in getting high, many find the maintenance of their equipment to be a relaxing and enjoyable affair as well.


6: Knowledgeable Staff

Another common sight in cannabis stores is knowledgeable staff. This is sort of an interesting cultural phenomenon, as you probably don’t expect the same quality of service from a drug store or convenience store attendant. But, likely due to the long period of prohibition and underground transport, there were a lot of knowledgeable stoners long before weed became legal. Once it was legalized they opened their own stores or went to work for others within the new industry, and now we all benefit from thorough reviews, in-depth product suggestions and a generally more welcoming environment overall.


5: Temptation!

This might sound a bit silly at first, but people who truly appreciate marijuana may get a little carried away when they go into a pot shop. For so many people, this is like a dream come true. They find so many different strains of buds that just look immaculate, nothing like they’ve ever had before. There are so many different devices and pre-rolls and edibles. Before they know it, they’re racking up thousands of dollars on their credit cards buying the chronic. Not that buying from a dispensary is bad, of course; that’s what you’re there for. But you don’t want to get carried away and go broke. You will be wanting to come back, so don’t cave to every single temptation.

Instead, consider taking your time and making a journey of it. Whether you are a daily smoker, a weekend imbiber or an occasional partaker, the journey of finding your favourite strain and product can present a lot of fun, adventure and joy. Just remember that you shouldn’t take recommendations or rumours too seriously, as the experience will likely be different from person to person.

There are some really great dispensaries out there today, and probably a few located near you. They have a long list of high-quality products that you will appreciate, whether you are into smoking, eating, absorbing or just trying marijuana and cannabis products out. Just remember to always be responsible and to exercise some moderation.