What’s it Like Retiring in Summerlin, NV?

As the quaint, paradisical Las Vegas master-planned community of Summerlin celebrates its thirtieth year of habituation in 2021, it has come a long way since the original 25,000-acre landmass was acquired by billionaire and aviation mogul Howard Hughes Jr. in 1952. Encompassing desert land on the western rim of Las Vegas and encroaching initially into Red Rock Canyon, Hughes turned several heads when he purchased the land for a few dollars per acre, anticipating it would be used for aviation purposes.

Few would have believed you if you had said that the barren site would become one of the most sought-after communities in the state of Nevada – or the United States – a mere three decades later. Summerlin is named after Hughes’ paternal grandmother, Jean Amelia Summerlin. The first family officially moved into Summerlin in 1991, and ever since then, the community at the western edge of the city of Las Vegas has been on an upward trajectory, with over 10,000 people now calling Summerlin home.

But what is it about Summerlin that attracts people from out of state to retire here? And what’s so special about this previously desolate stretch of land that makes it one of the best places to live in Nevada? If you want to learn more about retiring in this community, keep on reading!

Stunning Outdoors

Upon visiting Summerlin, you will immediately be struck by the community’s natural beauty. Nestled on the periphery of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Summerlin residents make the most of the 150 miles of world-class cycling and hiking trails that weave throughout the desert. The community itself boasts 250 parks and outdoor spaces, as well as ten challenging golf courses that provide a lush backdrop to the expansive desert that rolls out into Nevada as far as the eye can see beyond the city limits.

Within Summerlin’s limits are also several community swimming pools, outdoor sporting venues, and lush green spaces that provide the perfect setting for community clubs and outdoor fitness enthusiasts. The stunning outdoor areas within and surrounding Summerlin ensure it’s a majestic and spacious community in which to live, and is one of the most appealing aspects of the master-planned community.

Luxury Real Estate

When it comes to property, Summerlin is the ideal place to find precisely what you’re looking for. As a diverse, affluent community, Summerlin attracts families looking for their forever homes, out-of-towners seeking to invest in a second property, and retirees looking to kick back and enjoy the premier lifestyle that is synonymous with the community.

Real estate in Summerlin is incredibly varied and exist in all shapes and sizes. From plush, palatial desert-backed mansions to exclusive golf course condominiums, the range of real estate in Summerlin is alluring to buyers from a wealth of backgrounds and demographics. Prices for Summerlin homes tend to range from anywhere between $300,000 to multi-millions.

Summerlin neighborhoods are divided into beautiful, individual villages and subdivisions; some of the most exclusive and sought-after include The Ridges, Red Rock Country Club and basically any subdivision in Summerlin North. One of the most appealing aspects of real estate in Summerlin is the incredible diversity and uniqueness of the homes that have been built there. Buyers tend to explore the identity and charm of each neighborhood in Summerlin before settling on their choice of property, with each village retaining its own charisma and appeal.


Downtown Summerlin®

Despite its close proximity to the entertainment capital of the world, Summerlin residents can rely on their own impressive downtown area – Downtown Summerlin® – without having to get lost in the chaotic streets of Las Vegas. Since opening in 2014, Summerlin’s downtown has proved extremely popular with residents and visitors alike. The outdoor pedestrian retail center is home to 125 plus national and regional brands, and there are more than thirty restaurants, bars, and eateries. Summerlin residents love the fact that they can enjoy the retail and dining benefits of the big city without having to leave the quaint confines of their master-planned community.

Downtown Summerlin is also home to the Las Vegas Ballpark® and City National Arena, where sports fans can watch live action from the minor-league Las Vegas Aviators® or watch the Vegas Golden Knights practice. Many bars and restaurants participate in game day deals, providing Summerlin sports fans with even more reason to head into downtown after a big match at one of the state-of-the-art venues.


Thriving Retirement Community 

You have to be careful when referring to a place as having a thriving retirement community, as it can give off the wrong impression. Summerlin tends to attract people to its range of retirement communities for all the right reasons. People seek to upgrade their lifestyle in Summerlin thanks to the wealth of leisure opportunities at their disposal, the incredible year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, and the exceptional quality of life enjoyed by all Summerlin residents. Popular retirement communities in Summerlin include Sun City Summerlin, Siena, Regency, Trilogy, and Heritage at Stonebridge.

While some relocate to Summerlin permanently and enjoy taking the grandkids out at the weekends, others have considered Summerlin to be the perfect place to purchase a second property, which assists with their transition from fast-paced city life to an early retirement. As mentioned, with an abundance of outdoor areas, retail and dining venues, and championship golf courses, there’s plenty to keep you busy in and around Summerlin.


Immaculate Golf Course Properties 

Golf course homes in Summerlin are up there with the most appealing real estate found anywhere in the state of Nevada. If you’ve been attracted to Summerlin thanks to its ten golf courses, then you might want to take things a step further and look for a golf course property for sale. Summerlin is home to exceptional courses such as Palm Valley, TPC Summerlin, Bear’s Best, and Highland Falls, amongst others. Many of the residences for sale overlook the plush fairways and have direct access to the course, which is the ultimate dream of many retirees hoping to finally work on their handicap now they have more time to spare.

But frankly, you don’t need to enjoy golf to be allured by the prospect of living on a golf course. Unrivaled and unspoiled scenery stretches from your backyard as far as the eye can see, and you can enjoy spotting some of the wildlife that also calls the fairways home. Golf course properties in Summerlin range from immaculate condos and apartments to grandiose, exceptionally finished mansions on huge lots. It’s little surprise, then, that Summerlin attracts golf enthusiasts from all over the country who are hoping to realize their dream of owning a golf course property.


Who is Relocating to Summerlin, Nevada? 

Summerlin is a unique area because it doesn’t solely attract people from a single demographic. The vast range of prices within the real estate market attracts people with different aspirations. Some of the villages and neighborhoods within Summerlin are home to young professionals and their families, thanks to the suburb’s proximity to downtown Las Vegas.

But you’re just as likely to find a thriving community of retirees enjoying the exceptionally high quality of life that is enjoyed by all residents of this master-planned community. In the past decade, many have either relocated to Summerlin or purchased a second home in the area. This is owing to the incredible aspects that have been introduced throughout and because it’s close enough to downtown Las Vegas to make occasional weekend trips into Sin City most enjoyable.

While many of the residents of Summerlin are Nevada natives, there’s been a significant increase in buyers looking for property in Summerlin from out of state, particularly from California. This, in some respects is owing to Nevada’s favorable tax laws, as well as the outstanding quality of life enjoyed by the residents of Nevada’s best place to live. Without overplaying it, few places in Nevada can compare to the appeal of Summerlin for those looking to enjoy their lives, thanks to the stunning natural beauty of the community, as well as the impressive real estate, golf courses, and leisure opportunities on their doorstep.